If people have seen ufos why is there no evidence of aliens, where are they hiding what are they?

Occasionally a phenomena occurs in the sky that is not easily explained by known causes. These phenomena are not easily identifiable. This is why they are referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects.

n each case, to the best of our knowledge, all of these phenomena have a terrestrial explanation. Given time and study, an explanation for the vast majority of events has been determined. In a relatively few cases the available documentation has not been sufficient to determine a definite cause.

If aliens were visiting earth there would be evidence, at least some trace of fact-based tangible proof, that would have been detected. UFOs are not extraterrestrial aliens. It is never aliens (it is more likely to be Big Foot and his relatives).

For obvious reasons people tend to think earth is important. Because it is such a "big deal" to us, we assume, without actually applying rational thought to the assumption, that it would be a big deal to any other sentient life forms that may have evolved in our universe. Certainly they would want to contact us. Likely they would want to exploit all our resources, right? Logical enough.

Until you consider the virtually unimaginable distances between solar systems. the closest solar system to us is 4.4 light years away. Given the laws we have discovered that govern the universe, there is no known way that an extraterrestrial species could visit earth (or vise versa), unless that species were blessed with very long lifetimes. Any species with the technological capability to traverse those vast distances of interstellar space will have access to unimaginable amounts of resources. There is nothing on earth that they could not find in abundance much closer to their home solar system. Relative to our galaxy, earth is an extremely tiny and insignificant mote of dust. If an alien race did somehow chance upon our tiny and insignificant planet they would be so technically advanced that we would seem primitive in the extreme, likely not worth noting and, very likely, there would be nothing on earth of interest to them. Water? There is far more on the moons of Jupiter than there is on earth. Energy? Jupiter has vast amounts of hydrogen. Maybe they would want to visit us for simple scientific curiosity? Likely they will have encountered a large number of other lifeforms. We would not be of particular interest. Also, there would be no need at all to visit us directly. Aliens so advanced as this would send some sort of autonomous device to collect information. Do you think that is what people have been seeing the skies? Then why do they appear in such a wide variety of configurations? Why have we never been able to capture a clear photo of one or detected any sort of signature either as the result of propulsion or information capturing? Why have we never detected any unknown craft approaching earth or orbiting earth? If so many have been visiting us, why isn't there any solid indisputable evidence of any kind to prove extraterrestrial origin? It isn't aliens. It is never aliens. Until it is...

No evidence of aliens is a misconception. Evidence is presented but often dismissed by skeptics because they "know" we are not being visited.

Physical evidence has been around for quite some time -- and I'm not talking about the TV series Ancient Aliens. That show can turn Mulder into a skeptic.

As an example from the Bentwaters incident of December of 1980, America soldiers stationed in England saw a UFO land, and then take off. The UFO left behind 3 circular impressions in HARD SOIL in the pattern of an equilateral triangle, and they were measured proving it was a perfect triangle.

Skeptics dismissed the impressions as the result of burrowing animals. In hard soil -- really? And in the shape of an equilateral triangle?

This is one of many examples of how substantial evidence is dismissed, and the explanations at best sounds very flimsy.

And even with a "smoking gun", it's still dismissed as nonsense with the, "I'm sure there's a logical explanation," excuse.

Take for example the Betty Cash saga where she, Vicki Landrum and Vicki's grandson Colby saw a UFO at close range. Betty got out to get a closer look, then ran back to her car.

Skeptics claim she probably saw the star Canopus. A flimsy explanation, made worse that within a few hours all 3 were reportedly very sick with Betty suffering the most.

Betty's doctor diagnosed them with radiation poisoning.

I could also do into the missing time phenomenon which sleep paralysis cannot explain, but that's for later.

UFO sightings have benn reported ever since flying machines became a mainstream thing. Humans have a tendency to fill the gaps, overlook that which doesn't fit or alter what almosts fit. They THINK they saw an alien and therefore their brain accepts they saw an alien.

What they really saw .... Could be anything. The likelihood of it being an alien however is so remote it more likely was a flying mermaid.

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