If the aliens made us, who made the people that made the aliens?

If the aliens made us, who made the people that made the aliens?

Let me guess: OP saw Promethius or any of a number of similar videos that I tag as Chariots of the Gods wannabes.

First, no....just, no. If there is one thoroughly debunked idea, it's the notion that some super-race of aliens came down to Earth to jump start an intelligent species. Fossils and genetics both support a long, gradual evolution, both in terms of species as well as in our own progress. If a scenario along the lines of Promethius' silly giant albino underwear model slurping down a cup of Genes-be-spread had been the case, well, depending on when this dissolution occurred, it would need to also explain the evolution/devolution of DNA expression up and down the roster of every living thing that has ever existed on Earth. The later the intervention, the less tenable the supposition becomes.

This is why no one but cranks and internet denizens bother with this idea.

But, OP, while you fell for a hoax that's been bouncing around popular culture for more than 50 years, you also stumbled upon just a little bit of logical skepticism in that you came up with a perfectly valid challenge to such a simplistic idea: Who created the creator?

Well done.

But skepticism is only one tiny facet of critical thinking.

Why does it have to be a "Who" ? If your only concept of life if that someone or something "made" every thing , you are left with the concept of God ... which answers nothing for then "who" made God , who would be harder to create than everything else He created ?

Most ancient alien theorists ( myself included ) don't think aliens created us , so much as they geneticly altered the species we once were ( ape like , though not apes ) so as to give us the ability to meet their needs or agenda . ( possibly exploitation of our planets resources ) . You can call them our creators in the sence we would not be the same ‘humans' we are today without their manipulation ... but that is only one theory . The other most popular one is they can here after we evolved into our human species and merely exploited us .

As to who made them , why would there need to be "someone" ? Life evolves , we can demonstrate that in lower life forms and can safely work with the hypothesis that higher life forms do as well . Their evolution into a higher life form than ours would only take more time with a civilized society that does not spend most of it's energy trying to destroy other parts of their species , or the greed that makes it a survival of the richest , or religions that try to destroy science ... our planet is rather young in context of the universe ... it is probable that there are such civilizations thousands and even millions of years older than ours by mere mathematical odds . So they may seem like Gods to us , but they are merely more evolved . Who made them ? Likely the same natural forces that created life here . Scientists have already created ‘life' in the lab with micro cell organisms .. it doesn't take a God to do it .. They merely followed the natural path that the earliest minerals and such would have followed in sparking life .

And we have long cloned various species , as well and plant life .. So why does there Need to have been a creator ?

As for aliens , which ones ? There are likely dozens or hundreds or thousands of probable intelligent species in the universe ... it is That big and that old . And that doesn't even take into account the theory of "multiverses" rather than a "universe" .. Whereas our universe is but one bubble in a sea of other bubbles , each one containing a universe . It's but a theory , but more than a few scientists subscribe to it . And then there is the "multidimensional" university , which most scientists believe exists ... which each dimension containins their own universe , any number of them all occupying the same space .

And who made it all ? Miss Mother Nature ... cuz nothing else needed to . Religion is based on needing a God to have created everything .. but we know now that there doesn't have to be , and in many cases have proven it .

What would lead you to believe that aliens "made us"? We know that all living things on Earth share the same DNA structure and that all the evidence is very clear that all contemporary organisms (including us) evolved from earlier forms, and they from earlier forms yet, and so on back to the simplest of archaea single-celled organisms.

There is no evidence whatever that any tampering has taken place, although the hypothesis of "transpermia" (seeding of the basic building blocks of life from another world) remains a possibility. That's a far cry from being designed by aliens.

This is a popular plot-line in science fiction, of course. The old British "Quatermass" movie, "Quatermass and the Pit" uses the idea. As does some of the later episodes of Star Trek in an effort to explain the uniformly-human appearing "aliens" in the Star Trek Universe.

But those remain science fiction....

Let's assume for a moment aliens did make us. (I'm a huge advocate of such)

Why could said aliens not have evolved naturally? If you're referring to a celestial being beyond the laws of the universe, then there is no answer as of yet. The true creator doesn't need a creator, if you believe in that sort of stuff.

As for dna, there is so much "junk" code, we can't definitively say there has been no tampering.

Say aliens that are 50 light years away use the internet on their planet to send a message to us via Twitter, would we get the message instantly?

Only if they have some means that is fast enough to get the signal over 50 light years instantly. Like a wormhole through which a cable or a radio signal comes through or a transmitter receiver patched to the internet that uses some exotic physics to transfer information at FTL speeds

What's the quickest that a "new" technology has become obsolete?

I'll nominate an unlikely prize-winner - the Pony Express.Using the highest levels of technology and human fortitude available at the time, the Pony Express delivered mail from the American East Coast to California in an incredible 10 days!The technology consisted of a small group of young, tough, brave riders mounted

If North Korea ever reached the U.S. with a nuke, would Russia and China step aside & let the U.S. destroy North Korea without retaliating in return?

I don't think Russia or China would have any choice, but if they did...yes, they would pretty much give the US a free hand in North Korea. Even the worst possible outcome for both nations - a unified Korea with US troops on China's border - would be