If the alternate shot where Quicksilver did survive the round of bullets and join the Avengers in AOU did happen as the main ending, how different would Civil War, Infinity War and Avengers 4 be?

If Quicksilver was still alive, this changes the MCU drastically, starting all the way back at Captain America Civil War. A lot of this is character flaws of his that would probably play into major events later on, but I'm basing this off of his limited screen time in Age of Ultron.

I'm going to stick with Civil War and Infinity War because without seeing Avengers 4 it's going to be really hard to "rewrite" it.

The End of Age of Ultron is mostly unchanged, except Scarlett Witch isn't emotionally vulnerable from the loss of her brother and isn't as raged out.

Civil War- the movie changes drastically. Quicksilver could stop Crossbones before the extra civilians get injured. The accords probably still pass. Quicksilver added to Cap's team...the fight changes. Quicksilver with Cap's strategy changes the airport fight to a team Cap clean win. Black Widow gets dropped by Quicksilver to start the fight. Bucky and Hawkeye engage Spiderman. Quicksilver helps Bucky and Hawkeye drop Spiderman. Quicksilver, Bucky and Hawkeye can add double teams elsewhere. Hawkeye helps Falcon take down Rhodes. Quicksilver helps Cap drop Black Panther. Scarlett Witch and Vision are even. Bucky keeps Ironman busy as Antman disables Ironman. Falcon and Hawkeye help drop Ironman. Cap get Quicksilver to get him to the plane to get ready to get them out. Vision by himself against the whole of team cap stops the fight in order to prevent friends from getting caught in the crossfire defenseless. Rhodes doesn't get hurt. All of Team Cap gets away. Team Cap stops Zemo without interference. Stark never learns Bucky killed his parents. Zemo is dead(Bucky would kill him).

Infinity War the team is still divided, but only because Team Cap are still fugitives. Tony gets the call from Strange and calls Cap immediately. Team Cap up on the circumstances call Wanda in. If she doesn't answer they get to Wanda and Vision before the Black Order and the whole team defends them both. Vision isn't injured the same way because Quicksilver can keep the Black Order offset. The New York fight is mostly unchanged...until Rhodes shows up in the Warmachine armor. The last 3 minutes of the fight as Ebony Maw tries to take an unconscious Strange away he suddenly has not only Spiderman after him but is also fighting off Warmachine followed shortly by Ironman. The three of them are able to get Strange back before Maw gets to the ship. Maw knows he is outmatched and retreats.

Thanos is forced to go to Earth after he collects the Reality Stone. He leaves Gamora on his ship, Sanctuary. He goes to Earth with the Black Order. Having just failed, the Black Order knows they are thin ice. The whole Black Order vs the Avengers is a good fight, but Thanos with gems is able to squash the Avengers, Quicksilver isn't strong enough to beat Thanos. His influence on the fight is minimal. Thanos has the mind gem before he goes to get the soul gem. At this point Thanos could hold the entire Avengers team hostage, Strange probably has no choice but to turn over the time gem(for the same reasons as on Titan, to save Tony). Thanos then goes with Gamora to collect the soul gem. Thor reaches Earth with Stormbreaker too late. Thor doesn't know where to find Thanos. Thanos again kills Gamora in order to collect the soul gem. Thanos snaps his fingers. Same ending, but less hope for the heroes.

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Let's begin with Wanda's power level. Having lost their parents, the Maximoff Twins only had each other. And losing her brother, the only person she had affections for (yet), resulted in an emotional damage which stimulated her power. Had Quicksilver somehow managed to dodge the bullets (because the FOX-mutant version he is comprehensively faster), Wanda would still have her brother to care for her. Things would have played out as follows:

Civil War- Lagos incident: With a speedster in the team, it would have been fairly easier to contain Crossbones' blast which killed a lot of civilians. Which means that Wanda would have never been under house arrest, thus limiting the possibility of developing a romantic relationship with Vision. Age of Ultron had developed Pietro's character as an over-protective brother who would not approve his sister go out with a mysterious, weird looking android created by Stark, the same person the two have grown up hating.

Sokovia still gets blasted to smithereens, so the Sokovia Accords were inevitable. Pietro's existence would not deter the motives for Stark as well as Rogers regarding the accords. Pietro would have taken the Cap's side along with his sister and might have facilitated Cap and Bucky's escape at the end of the airport battle(thus, eliminating the need for Black Widow to betray Black Panther). Everything else will be similar to the actual plotline.

Infinity War- Now, since Vision has no reason to elope with Wanda to Scotland, he stays with Stark during the battle of New York and exposing two infinity stones at one location.

Even if Bruce and Tony decided to take Vision to Shuri in an attempt to separate the stone from his body, Quicksilver's impact in the battle of Wakanda would be futile. Sure, he would swat some of the outriders but would be derailed by the Gauntlet wielding Thanos.

Interesting to think whether or not, he would be spared by the snap, considering Wanda bites the dust in IW.

P.S.- Shooting the iconic airport scene where the two teams charge towards each other would be a cinematic nightmare.

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If Quicksilver survived, you wouldn't recognize the MCU.

Let's look at the events following Avengers AOU (in chronological order):

  1. Ant-Man
  2. Captain America: Civil War aka Avengers 2.5
  3. Doctor Strange
  4. GOTG Vol. 2
  5. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  6. Thor: Ragnorak
  7. Black Panther
  8. Avengers: Infinity War

In the following movies, there would be no impact (most likely) if Quicksilver survived:

  • Ant-Man
  • Doctor Strange
  • GOTG Vol. 2
  • Thor: Ragnorak

In these movies, however, there would be some major differences.

  • Captain America: Civil War:

Aight this about to be a long one cuz it's pretty important.

    • If Hawkeye's shield, I mean Quicksilver, survived, he most likely would have stopped Bucky and the bomb before any major damage was caused. This may have thus prevented the Sokovia Accords from happening, resulting in the Avengers not breaking up like the Beatles. This would also have resulted in Black Panther and Spiderman not being introduced.
    • But let's say that the Sokovia Accords happen anyway because it is, after all, the "Sokovia Accords" and not "Some Random Building Caught Fire Accords", then what would happen. Well, the silver speedster would then proceed to join Cap's team, like his sister, and probably beat most of the enemy team. In fact, maybe Tony never would have learned about how his parents were murdered because it may never have escalated that far. This would probably end up in the Avengers splitting up on good terms, which will prove vital for upcoming movies.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming:
    • Say scenario one in Civil War happened, then there most likely wouldn't have been a Spider-Man movie, and if there was, it would've been an origin movie.
    • If scenario two happens, then Homecoming would have progressed normally.
  • Black Panther:
    • If scenario one happened, Black Panther would not have happened because T'Chakka never would have died, so T'Challa never ascends to the throne, and never gets challenged by his cousin Killmonger.
    • If scenario two had happened, then like Homecoming, Black Panther would have progressed normally.
  • Avengers: Infinity War:
    • If situation one had happened, things would still have been bad for the Avengers. While the Avengers may still exist, they wouldn't have an army, specifically the Wakandans. Without Wakanda, the battle would most likely take place in New York resulting in a furthermore devasted New York, and an overwhelmed Avengers. Although this time Fury would have known what happened and may have contacted Captain Marvel, I doubt this would have been the case. After all, he still didn't contact Captain Marvel even after Tony Stark went missing in that weird alien hula-hoop, I mean spaceship.
    • Now, if situation two happened, people may be surprised to hear this, but things would have gone much better. For one thing, Tony wouldn't have hesitated to contact Cap and Quicksilver probably would have rushed to their aid immediately, preventing Vision from ever getting hurt. Everything else would have occurred normally, however, this time they would have had more which may have resulted in a better Wakandan Army. They would have had Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver all in the battlefield from the beginning, resulting in a much better matchup in Wakanda against Thanos. In addition, though this may seem a bit far-fetched, if Cap managed to get to Tony before Strange got taken by Maw, things would have been much, much better.

As much as I would like to say "well this would be different, and that would be too so x,y,z events would have never happened", there's a wonderful little theory that Beast talked about in X-Men: Days of Future Past, time is like a river, and having something change is like having a rock blocking the stream, the river will find a way around and everything that we know will happen all the same.

Age Of Ultron: if Quicksilver had lived and just got badly hurt, Wanda would have still had the outburst, Quicksilver would be a sitting duck.

Civil War: Quicksilver grabs the biological weapon, hands it to Cap, Crossbones shows up, acts as a suicide bomb. Quicksilver being the 2nd most capable member of the team, runs to save Cap and gets killed in the explosion while at the same time Wanda contains it. Same situation as before. Fitting into "the stream corrects" narrative that I've created.

Everything happens as before, but with more emotional baggage from Wanda

If Quicksilver did survive, and was just badly hurt, Cap and Wanda would definitely not let him fight.

Infinity War: The addition of Quicksilver is almost as pointless as Hawkeye or Black Widow, he'd be killed before he ever laid an eye on Thanos or his goons. He is after all, a human with super-speed.

I think in civil war they would have made it so that Captain America and Bucky uses quicksilver to quickly go to the quinjet. The airport battle wouldn't have happened as the team couldn't have spotted Bucky and Captain America. Though, Zemo would have changed his plan accordingly so that they would still fight and the Avengers would be split in two. The battle would have played out differently though but the outcome would've stayed the same. I think in Infinity War Scarlet Witch might have not bonded with Vision as she still has his brother so she would talk to him most of the time. I could be wrong though. Either way none of the major battles shouldn't have played out that differently besides the time corvus Glaive and Proxima meets Vision and Scarlet Witch for the first time. This would be because QuickSilver would be there to save them. In fact, Corvus and Proxima couldn't have escaped and they would have died as Quicksilver would have caught them. Then the Outriders couldn't have been lead into battle, unless Cull Obsidian was the leader of the Outriders. This is unlikely as it looked like Proxima gave the command to unleash the outriders. Also, Corvus wouldn't have been there to attack Vision as Corvus is dead so the mind stone would safely be disposed of by Shuri and Scarlet Witch. So even if the outriders had been in the battle field, I think in the end the Avengers would have saved the day as Thanos would have no idea what happened to the mind stone and Thor with combined might of the Avengers would've killed Thanos.

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