If we were to find alien life, is it possible that their planet could have oil and nuclear weapons?

"There can never be absolute safety provided for atomic power plants, as we know from our own experience when our forefathers used the same unsafe technology for obtaining energy, whereby it was very much more developed than is the case with the current terrestrial atomic technology. Such atomic power plants, often with several reactors, were operated until an unparalleled nuclear disaster occurred worldwide, when, as a result of malfunctions resulting from unexpected, external, cosmic influences, a great number of reactors burst, which claimed the lives of more than 48 million human beings. Something on the same, or similar, scale can also happen on the Earth, because atomic reactors can never be so controlled that no accident or mishap can occur. There are, in fact, sooner or later, always influences which lead to a smaller or greater catastrophe. If nothing of the kind happens then one can talk of pure luck. With our forefathers, a new energy-obtaining technology, which could absolutely guarantee safety, was only created after a worldwide catastrophe was caused by bursting atomic reactors – as a result of which gigantic areas were contaminated with nuclear radiation for a very long time. In regard to an atomic power plant technology which could prevent all disturbance of any dangerous kind from coming about as a result of any influences, there is no guarantee, because too many factors exist in this relationship, meaning that a destructive malfunction, and thereby a catastrophe, can arise. The greatest danger of all is formed by unpredictable human failures in regard to careless technical faults as well as cosmic influences, as with dangerous destructive radiations which issue from the solar structures. Meteorites are also factors which can trigger a destruction of nuclear power plants and their atomic reactors. Therefore not only earthquakes and seaquakes have to be taken into consideration, rather also the named possibilities as well as faulty functions of facilities, and also incalculable harmful consequences as a result of the nuclear fuel itself, which, above all, means a constant danger, as do its waste products."

CR 516

Any exoplanet with life could certainly have oil deposits as a byproduct of millions of years of living organisms. They'd probably have coal as well. Depending on their technology, extraterrestrials might or might not have developed weapons including nuclear weapons.

You inspired me to think about the possibilities of going places, another planet, to get things we need. In popular culture, on countless television programs, movies, science fiction novels, and short stories, YouTube videos, and the History Channel, it appears simple to travel from one planet to another, in very little time. In the real Universe, distances between Earth and exoplanets are mind-numbingly enormous. Traveling between star systems is nothing like driving from Chicago to New York, or from Paris to Berlin. The closest possible exoplanet in orbit around the closest star to the Sun is about 24.8-trillion miles (39.91 trillion km) from us. That's 24.8 thousand million miles (39.9 thousand million km). Space travel is very expensive, and, the larger the spacecraft, the more fuel you need to move fast enough to get across interstellar space within times of less than hundreds of years. So, even if there existed something valuable on Earth that extraterrestrials needed, or on an exoplanet that we needed, the cost of bringing it back home would far outweigh the value of the substance. Except in our imaginations.

You do not know the worst of it!

Of course crude oil would be formed and uranium could be found. With smart aliens all over the place the oil could be refined into gasoline and nuclear technology may be developed. That is not the deadly part and the worst of it.

Biological animals that do not want to become food for something else need to run away or put up a fight; fight or flight - That is exactly what the early aliens had to do as well as we humans. We cannot believe that Aliens will be nice to us but will be ready to save their own lives by protecting themselves. The goat on the rope was killed a long time ago and the cat in the bag would be rotten by now. They will have modern weapons.

Find as opposed to encounter? Very likely. The possibility of actually, meeting them face to face is extremely remote. Even communication could take centuries, especially if you include learning the language.

To the best of our present knowledge the speed of light is faster than any travel could possibly occur. The likelihood of ever finding a way unconstrained by mass/velocity/fuel equations would seem insurmountable.

Quantum communications are probably the best bet and if that proves workable then a beneficial trade system might be possible.

According to validated contactees our space brothers and sisters do not have war or greed on their planets and sustainability is a priority.
They see a planet as a living being in its own right and worthy of respect and they do their best to maintain a healthy relationship with not just their planet but with each other.
This is something we could learn from. Nuclear fission radiation, it will be found, attacks the subtle layers of physical matter [what we call dark matter] and affects the immune system in humanity.
Our space visitors must have become harm less or they would not have been permitted to travel interplanetarily.

It's certainly possible and perhaps even likely. The formation of petroleum from decaying plant matter seems to be a fairly simple process, one which should be duplicated on any planet with similar conditions to our own. And nuclear weapons rely on physical laws which should be the same everywhere - and we have no reason at all to think that the elements required should be available only on Earth.

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