If we're all Martians now, who are the aliens?

The real aliens are those people who are so differently motivated that neither can accurately project a correct observation on one another, you cannot measure in others what is not in you, it can't be done. Therefore members of your own family can be alien to each other.

Not quite sure of your reference for this question. What I have read is that Mars was occupied by a race of giants a million years ago. That they suffered an enormous disaster which meant that a group of them escaped in a space ship, but to where? Possibly to Earth?

The Remote Viewers, originally setup by the CIA, have continued to the present day. Viewing missions have discovered dwellings disguised as land formations. And there is a possibility they are still occupied. I give a couple of links for further reading.


Star Gate remote viewing examples


The Farsight Institute | Base on Mars

We are all Martians now? Where's that from?

My best guess is that it is from a speculation that the Earth was seeded by some Martian microbes who traveled to here inside a rock that was ejected by an asteroid impact.

But that is a speculation and not something anywhere close to well-established.

Even so, there is the entire rest of the Universe for other extraterrestrial visitors to come from.

How can a raspberry pi work with a PC?

Since an RPi has an Ethernet port, the easiest way is over a LAN. I installed Samba on my RPi and I do file sharing both ways with my Windows computers and with another Linux computer. For the RPi 3, Bluetooth is also an easy option.Not counting email, there are certainly many other options which are

If you threw a frog into the ocean, how long would it survive?

I don't know, I haven't tried it. I suppose it will soon be poisoned by the salt. But there is something more interesting:Experiments show that if you put a frog in hot water, it will jump out at once. But of you warm slowly the water where a frog is, it will

If I were to travel in a spaceship for one month at 99% of the speed of light, how much time would have passed on earth?

It would take somebody with better math skills than I possess to give you a specific answer but suffice it to say it would be a very long time. To begin with accelerating at 1G to 186,000 miles per second itself would take quite a bit of time. Secondly there is the twin paradox which would