If you can relive one moment of your life forever, what would it be?

When I was an infant, a few months old, my mom fucked up. When she was preparing my milk, she put in too much formula. This caused severe overheating in my young body that stumped even the doctors here. According to her, arrested about 36 hours of me howling in agony and feverish to the touch, she and my grandmother decided to try giving me a bottle of plain, boiled cold water. Regular H2o. And I loved it. Absolutely loved it. According to her, I downed the water in seconds and started crying again, demanding more. She did. That first night, I must've had 3 or 4 bottles of water. Cured my fever almost instantly. Cut to almost 40 years later, I have a voracious love for water. Other liquids like soda or caffeine taste good to me, but I need plain water to cure thirst. That's a little bit of a drawback.

Don't worry, she mixed in milk whenever possible. I was a very healthy baby. To answer your question, if would like to relive the moment men I had that first taste of water, but with adult, cognizant thought. I want to know what happiness I felt, how my mother and grandmother must've looked seeing how happy I was with a simple bottle of water. I honestly think that might have been the happiest moment in my life.

(The long-standing joke in my family is how lucky I am they didn't follow my granddad's suggestion and give me beer...)

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