If you could go back and start playing a sport earlier in life, what sport would it be and what age would you start?

Soccer. I played many different sports and enjoyed them all but when it came to team sports soccer was where I should have landed. I never kicked a soccer ball until I was 24 years old but by then it was too late to really excel. You need to learn the basic ball handling skills during your growing years. At 24 I was in tremendous shape and could run hard for 90 minutes. I seemed to have a sixth sense of where the opponent was going with the ball and I could take it away from him. The Europeans I played against hated me because I simply wasn't nearly as skilled in ball handling, yet I could take it away from them fairly easily. The game was magical to me. A Brit who had played as a professional in the UK once complemented me by saying it was too bad I hadn't grown up with the sport. Such is life.
What age should a kid start? Show them as early as possible but wait until they show a real interest before joining a program. Expose them to many different sports and try to guide them where they can excel based on their abilities. And if you are a parent, get them to the practices and games but PLEASE don't coach them. Let the professionals do that. I have seen far too many kids get turned off to sport by a parent trying to live their athletic dreams through their child.

What have you found to be the best, most effective strength exercises to help complete a strict pull up?

Hold that Pull Up Bar! Hold it and stay there!Haha, to complete a full strict pull up, you need to work on increasing your TUT (Time Under Tension) on the bar.There's no shortcut here.Here are 2 different scenarios you can proceed with:Do 1 assisted pull up, or jump so

What muscles do leg press work on compared to squats?

Squats are a full body exercise and burns more calories than any other exercise in powerlifting. Squats need the entire posterior chain to engage in supporting the load as well as abs and stabilizer muscles to assist in keeping balance. Squats cause extensive release