If you could only visit one country ever again, what would it be?

South Africa by leaps and bounds!

The safari experience and seeing the Big 5, the most amazing sweet people, the scenery including standing atop a mountain staring at the Southern Cross, the sound of the hippo'S roaring, the smell and feel of being in the bush, the sun on your face as your staring into a zebra'a eyes, and then onto Cape Town , one of the world's most exciting cities, museums, shark diving, Table Mountain, THE FOOD! , the hospitality , the bustling streets , driving to the tip of Africa where the oceans meet, the baboons trying to steal the sugar dish at the outdoor lunch eatery, the crashing ocean, the shopping, the beautiful diamonds, the street vendors, the music, the list just goes on and on. Can't wait to go back.

Switzerland obviously.
Its beyond comparision .

No one is similar to swiss.
Every nation has beauty. because nature is so cute in every form of it.

Hills to desert .falls to shore . Cities to remote village. All are unique.

Diversity is beautiful . But .....when we have to choose any one to love for lifetime. To become fan of it.

I will name Switzerland without a delay of second.

Iceland, easily.

The geography there is so breathtakingly different, and so breathtakingly diverse, that it's really hard to compete against that.

What is paranormal activity? Do ghost exists?

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Have you ever been shocked by your own fart?

I probably was shocked when I first experienced it as a baby.