If you could tell me 10 tips going forward in life, what would they be?

  1. Maintain a daily dairy not necessary that you should write daily in it, but write at least on weekly basis.
  2. Write what you want from life or what you want to do, you have to be very clear with what you want to workout.
  3. Collect some most relevant pictures of your dream, as I want to be a martial artist, therefore, I have pictures of my role models in my room.
  4. Paste the best pic of yours in the room where you spend most of your time and tell yourself each day pointing towards your picture that you want to make this man/woman successful.
  5. Have fair choices in your life, Don't lose integrity or honesty otherwise be ready to pay the price later, Love humanity, Not for attention and monetary gains but to Have faith in yourself that you are a good human being and deserve blessings.
  6. Your actions will define that should you have faith in yourself or not, Therefore work daily even on weekend along with a reward for you.
  7. Don't make a timetable but prioritise those tasks which will take you to your goals.We never move towards our goals but we became deserving and after desiring we achieve what we wish, As no reality show is open for those who have no talent.
  8. We all are born with equal opportunity of choice, If one really wants to do he will look for possibilities or else for excuses. Hence always look for possibilities.
  9. Increase the level of the target you give to yourself every day to increase your confidence.
  10. Don't surround yourself with anything like sad music, or pessimistic people who demotivate you or waste your time.
  11. Take care of your health with Good diet, proper water intake, regular exercise and fruits and dry fruits instead of investing in fashion and clothes as a healthy body is also a sense of faith that you can do what you want to.
  12. Believe in yourself, train your brain, All these comfort zones and failures are just barriers of mind, Be limitless if you are moving continuously how you could fail ever. failuyres are the lessons we learn to became deserving. we should never neglect either side of the coin.
  13. Believe in yourself will workout only 1% of what you want that is a mindset. But ‘How you behave with yourself will decide the rest of 99 %.
  14. Remember that we all came here with empty hands we had nothing to bring, moreover, no matter how much you successful you will become at the end we all have to leave it here itself.
  15. Hence work hard play hard and enjoy every part of it. We have nothing to lose, we are here to gain limitless.
  16. Don't waste your time in reacting or arguing with others instead focus on what you want to do.All the best35 Views · View Upvoters

  1. Not to care what people think about you and your actions
  2. Knowing yourself...(your nature and characteristics etc.)
  3. Knowing your interests
  4. Folowwing your interests
  5. Find out your meaning of ‘success'
  6. Trust no one but yourself
  7. Problems which you face are just in your mind...changing the way you think will get you the solution
  8. Learn to live and be alone
  9. Enjoy life...you've got only one
  10. And lastly...True love is an illusion.

  1. stop asking around all the time.
  2. listen to yourself.
  3. love yourself.
  4. listen to your body.
  5. take good care of your body.
  6. take it easy.
  7. work on your balance (on all levels, even physically/posture etc).
  8. please yourself.
  9. know where you're going.
  10. don't forget where you hail from.

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