If you could travel back in time, where/when would you go and why?

My grandma is currently 80 years of age.

She is not so well nowadays and is walking into the road of forgetfulness slowly and slowly.

I am very close to my grandma.

Few years back, when she was well, we often talked about her childhood.

She talked so fondly about her mother, her brother and the beautiful hill she grew up in. I always have a nostalgic feel when she talks about her childhood.

Nostalgic about a place I have never been to. And nostalgic about my very own people whom I have never met.

If I could travel back in time, I would certainly want to be in that time and place as a child when she was a little girl.

Meet her at the very beginning of her life. Meet her when the life was innocent and simple. Run with her uphill as her friend breathing the same air, laughing.

Meet her once when her hair was not as white as the snow. When life was all about laughs, plays, songs and flowers.

I remember once she told me how during Dashain ( a big Nepali festival ), she would, dressed in her best dress, go to a nearby palace with her mother to receive sweets.

I just want to go to the palace with her one time in my colorful festival clothes to accept sweets during Dashain.

Only if it was possible, I would want to be my gradma's childhood buddy for once.

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