If you get deported from a foreign country, can you go to another foreign country on another continent, or do you have to return to your home country?

It depends on the situation and the laws of the country involved.

This is generally how it works, but things are different every where.

If you receive a deportation notice (this happens when a visa is cancelled), then you have X number of days to leave the country. In this case you can go wherever you want.

If you are refused entry at immigration, then it is the responsibility of the carrier (usually airlines, but ships too) to return you as soon as possible to your departure point or, if that country will not allow re-entry, any other country that will allow you in.

If you are being deported because you have breached the law, whether it be after serving a prison sentence or simply arrested for not having a visa in the first place, then you are sent back to the country of your nationality.

If you have no passport, the embassy of your country will be contacted to authorise travel and issue a temporary passport.

If you have renounced your citizenship, you may still be deported back to there.

If you are a dual citizen, the country of your most recent residence is usually chosen however this is not always the case and you may not be the one doing the choosing.

If you are stateless, you may be held in Immigration detention until a country is found who will take you or you apply for asylum.

There was the famous case of the man who lived in a French airport for several years (played by Tom Hanks in the film adaptation) because he was stateless and had no where else to go.

There have also been cases of either immigration officials being deceptive or embassies being too lax in checking identities (which ever you want to believe) that have resulted in undocumented people being deported to countries which they have no connection to.

Well, here you have a person with proper experience: I have been deported several times from different countries. Mostly the immigration just decided, where they are going to send me.

Denmark deported me to the Caribbean (Even I told them, that my place of residence was Spain. But they did not consider the Spanish ID card a valid document for residence)

Grenada deported me to England, even at that time I had residence in Brazil. But there was no flight from Grenada to Brazil, but to England.

Germany was the only place where they asked me, where I would prefere to go to. I said Greece. And off to Greece they send me.

And a few years later, Bali (Indonesia deported me to Germany) The reason? The head of immigration decided that a Passport of Trinidad is not a valid passport. Therefore refusing entrance to Indonesia. (There were no flights to Trinidad, and I had come from Germany. But once at the departure lounge, I convinced the Garuda manager to put me onto the Garuda plane to Australia (where I was supposed to go anyway a few days later) it was standing just next to the Garuda plane to Germany.

All cases were actualy without any reason, just caused by the stupidness, arbitrariness and stubborness of the immigration people.

Typically a person being deported will be sent to wherever the deportee wishes to go, provided that the authorities there will accept them. If there is no country that will accept the deportee, the country having custody cannot deport him or her, and will typically instead inter the individual in question until a country that will accept the deportee can be found. (This may take years.)

It depends. If you are turned away at immigration, your deportation is the responsibility of the airline that brought you (for failing to adequately check your right to enter). They would probably either put you on the next available flight back the way you came (assuming you had the right to enter there - which they would thoroughly check this time) or the next available flight to your home country (if different), whichever is the cheapest for them.

However, if you are inside the country and, e.g., arrested as an illegal immigrant or denied asylum or for any other reason not allowed to remain, deportation is the responsibility of the government. Different governments will have different policies on this, but I can't imagine that any would give you a choice in the matter. Their job is to remove you, not give you a holiday - you would almost certainly be sent to your home country. Even if you had dual nationality (i.e. the right to reside in more than one country) I would expect them to just pick one for you.

You could always ask, I suppose.

Refusals at the port of entry are not deported, but refused entry, and the convention is to send the person back to the country from where they arrived - to be forwarded by that country to the country of previous residence, if appropriate. An example is as follows:
Following arrival at a UK port say Dover, they would be returned to France if they arrived in a boat from Calais. The French Immigration Authorities may well decide to then refuse entry to France and remove the person to his/her country of origin),
International convention to deport someone who is picked up inside a country, after entry, be it an illegal entry, or following a criminal act within the country will normally entail deportation to the country of the person's origin (and Nationality) or permanent residence (if they are in possession of a valid residence permit), often whichever is the cheaper!!

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