If you get fat, do you keep your smaller clothes for once you lose weight, or you throw/give them away?

This actually happened to me with a few items of clothing... But not very many. I fluctuated weight quite a bit over 10 years and eventually the older clothing found its way out regardless of bigger or smaller sizes.

From 2008-2014, my weight trended upward over time. Generally, I gave away/threw away the smaller clothing more than the bigger clothing during this time period.

From 2015–present, I've trended downwards in weight over time. During this time period, I gave away/threw away the bigger clothing more than the smaller clothing over time.

Nowadays, the majority of my clothing was bought less than 18 months ago. The remainder clothing bought more than 18 months ago is the leftover "lucky" items that fit me well nowadays. This 18-month line coincided with the time which my weight began stabilizing in my present lower weight range.

Why is gay marriage illegal in India?

Same sex marriage will consider when the parliament scraps section 377. Section 377 was induced by the British in India (1860) during the colonial period. According to this section it will be consider as unnatural if someone had sex with same

Is it better to file for legal separation first before divorce?

Depends on your state laws. In NH, where I live, you do not file for legal separation if you want a divorce, because legal separation is essentially for couples whose religion doesn't permit divorce or doesn't permit remarriage after divorce, to divide their property and reduce their legal obligations to each other, without the right to

How good is Olymp Trade?

Hi dear, I already saw many questions like that, and the answers are different, but in short, most of the times positive. I've started to operate on Olymp Trade 10 months ago and during this period I learnt a lot.