If you had a choice between encountering an extraterrestrial or something supernatural (a spirit, ghost), which would you rather encounter?

I was never been interested in coming face to face with an extraterrestrial although I probably have and didn't know it. I'm not sure that all of them fit that definition as they have been on earth longer that humans. The ones known as the Watchers, (from ancient times) were here on earth when man came into existence about 14,000 years past. The bible says that God and the angels brought man forth and man was made in their image. The term angel translates from Greek and means Messengers. It does not say where the Watcher/Messengers were from but a certain number of them have always been on earth.
I have been in the presence of a spirit but in my religion we are not allowed to speak or have any other contact as we do not have any way of knowing if the spirit is bad or means us harm. They are all around us. Some people do contact spirits and have recorded conversations with them like in the movie, "White Noise" . It is interesting to study what information we have on this subject.
Ghost's are the same as spirit since they are actually spirits in body form. Both can seemingly be invisible because the spirit body has a different molecular structure.
You can find the Watcher/angel/messengers on Wikipedia, in the bible, Genesis chapter 6. If you can find the writing's of Enoch, he wrote about the Watchers about 4,500 years past.

I have already encountered spirits, but I have yet to see one of them manifest physically visible and unmistakable (i.e., not "formed of smoke" or anything ambiguous like that).

I have no particular interest in extraterrestrials.

So, I'd like to see one of my two "helpful spirits" clearly, as above. It would go a long way towards reinforcing my faith in the subtle realms. When dealing with invisibles, who can only be perceived psychically, there are always going to be moments of doubt. Some days, perceptions are strong. Other days, not so much. Get enough weak days in a row and you inevitably start to wonder if you've been fooling yourself.

AT this point I would rather meet extraterrestrials. I have seen paranormal (spirit, ghosts) and supernatural (gods, demons etc).

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