If you had to flee your country, where would you go?

I don't really want to leave my country, if the situation go bad in capital I would just go to my village, we have a house there.

But if I ever had to go, I always wanted to go to Florida since I read about it when I was little. But listen Hurricane Michael changed my mind, I don't want to live any where where a wave that big can hit the land.

Then I dreamt about settling in a European country like Denmark or Norway which suppose to have a proper democracy with stable life. But then I heard that place is way too cold, you might die if you forget to turn your hiter on ! I forget things all the time, and I hate cold.

So no, currently I don't have a place where I can go now, I would go to USA but they don't welcome migrants anymore. If war breaks out, I don't have any place to go, I just have to chose one party to fight for, hopefully a lesser evil, then hopefully die fighting in war before seeing my family go down before my eyes.

I thought about London for sometimes. But I don't want to get burned by acid thrown by white supremacist or get stabbed to death since Knife stabbing incidents are at it's peak there.

Recently I've heard that in Canada, health care is free. So if I ever try to settle in anywhere else it would be in a country where health care is for free. Where I don't have to worry about getting sick and going bankrupt at the same time.

France, Germany, and Belgium are just a half an hour away from where I live.

I'd look up the train timetable, and see which is the earliest train available. Depending on where it's going, I'd just hop on.

However I'm secretly hoping that the train is going to Paris which is around 2 hours away from home.

Doesn't hurt to wake up to this, everyday. Sure, you locals are probably tired of the view but if I've still not grown tired of the Gateway of India view (After spending 20 odd years in Bombay) then I'm pretty sure I'll never tire of this view too :)

After Mexico, Scotland is the nation that as historically sent the highest proportion of its population abroad.

Canada is the obvious choice, for there are many people of Scottish heritage there. I should be able to get haggis samosas there.

Not so far away is the Republic of Ireland. The Brexiteers have messed them up shamefully, just as they have Scotland. They will understand why people want to escape the UK.

actually, I am from Egypt mother of the world but there is more than one country I want to go. I`d like to travel to France, Thailand, Italy, Greece I love the magic of nature and the different culture which these countries have

Why did America invade Spain in 1898?

America never invaded Spain. The United States intervened in the Cuban War of Independence and the Phillipine Revolution against Spain.Spanish–American War - Wikipedia