If you insert page numbers in a Microsoft Word document, how do you just remove the "1" from the first page?

  • Double-click within the vertical ruler to bring up the Page Setup dialog, and in the Layout tab, turn on the checkbox for "Different first page". Click OK.

The page number will disappear for the first page of the current section. This attribute will be "inherited" for subsequent sections, so if you later start a new section (Layout > Breaks), its starting page number will be omitted as well.

This will work for simple page numbers (inserted by using Insert > Page Number to include a page number in default locations) and for page numbers included within defined headers or footers.

Sometimes you may want a page number on the first page, but in a different location. For example, a book may have page numbers centered at the bottom of each chapter start page, but then included on the outside margins of headers on all other pages in a chapter.

It is easiest to do this is you have at least 3 pages of content (even if you just use multiple Ctrl-Enters to insert extra temporary empty pages). Double-click within the footer area of the first page and insert the page number in a footer (or use one of the default locations from the Insert > Page Number pulldown). In Page Setup's Layout tab, turn on the "Different odd and even" checkbox to let you define headers (and/or footers) that include a page number on the left for even-numbered pages and the right for odd-numbered pages.

Either double-click in the header or footer of the document (the top or bottom parts of the page), or

  1. Click on Insert
  2. In the Header & Footer section of the ribbon, click on the drop-down arrow on Header and then select Edit Header

The header and footer area of the document will display:

There are several ways. I'm pretty sure that there's a setting in the "properties" box that says which page to start numbering at, but if there isn't (there are many different versions of ‘Word') then turn your document into two "sections," with the first page in section #1. Then number only the second second section, not the first section.

There is a macro that replaces #page or something like this with the current page number. Find it and remove it (or place in a different location if you wish). That will override the default template. You may have to locate it in the footer or header section, separate from the body text.

It's a long time since I used MS Word (I use OpenOffice now)...

However - If I remember rightly, when you go into the page options to set up the numbering system - you can specify which page to start from. I think you just tell it to start numbering from page 2. That will mark page 2 as page 1 etc...

If you mean you want to omit the number form page 1, and start the numbering from 2 - on page 2, I believe you simply remove the embedded code from the footer on page 1.

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