If you put a chameleon in a room full of mirrors, what color would it turn?

Not much of an expert on chameleons, but I've worked with crocs, iguanas, snakes and more. I hate to break it to you, but chameleons don't change colour because they NEED to. Also, some of them don't change colour.

The reason they change colour ranges from trying to seem like a tough guy (typically brighter colours) to accepting defeat (typically darker colours) and in some cases even for camoflauge.

To finally answer your question, the chameleon would probably ask its reflection what it's looking at and whether it's talking to him. :P

Then maybe realise that the other chameleon isn't a threat and just chill.

Depends on its mood, but I would imagine that a room full of mirrors may create confusion, so it's possible it could exhibit some reds and oranges.

You should NEVER place your chameleon in front of a mirror! Chameleons are solitary creatures. They do not like to be around other animals, including chameleons. Placing two chameleons into the same habitat is a bad idea since they will both stress over the presence of the other. However, an often overlooked problem is when a chameleon can see its own reflection. It will believe its reflection to be another chameleon. Remove anything that might cast its reflection and make sure your home is 'chameleon-proof'!

If it's a perfect cube with polished mirror surfaces, all attached together then it will be the same color as it was initially.

Because to a chameleon eyes, the majority color would be the only thing chameleon will see.

So it will just pause at whichever color you keep her/him.

It would depend on its mood. It's a myth that chameleons change colour as camouflage. They change colour according to other external stimuli including temperature and perceived threats. 

So it might not change colour at all, but if it does it will be because it's own reflection has affected its temperament in some way.
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