If you think professional athletes are overpaid, who else do you think should get the money they generate?

No. Being a professional athlete is one of the lowest paying professions I know.

People look in the wrong direction when they see the reported salaries of the one in a million player.

Just to use one example, for every multi-million dollar contract in the MLB, there are tens of thousands of people playing for a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per game in the minor leagues, the winter leagues and corporate sponsored local tournaments. As you can see in this article, minor league players are fighting to have their salaries increased to minimum wage. Minor League Ballplayers Would Lose Minimum Wage Rights As Part Of $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

The same is true in most other sports of which I am aware.

Are athletes that are not even making minimum wage being overpaid?

As far as who should get the money they generate, they are entitled to a portion of it, as are the leagues and the team owners. One thing that could be improved is to get rid of the taxpayer subsidy and monopoly protection afforded to the major sports leagues. Most people don't know that Major League Baseball is a legal monopoly enacted by Congress and the NFL was ruled an illegal monopoly in federal court, but was not broken up or severely penalized. There would be less concentrated money in professional sports without these monopolies.

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