If you were abducted by aliens do you think you'd feel any better if you just happened to have your handgun with you?

Not at all. You're caught bro. Catching us with firearms would probably get you killed.

Not because anyone in this scenario is good or evil, but because you'd be seen as a threat.

For example, if a wild bear is attacking you, you'd probably be more likely to shoot it, right?

But if this same bear is just sleeping, or minding its own business you'd be a lot more likely to just leave it alone (unless you're a hunter) right?

It's best to play helpless and wait for a good moment to escape..if that's possible. Remain calm.

And even if you successfully killed the aliens mid abduction, assuming this is an old classic scifi version of being inducted, you'd then be trapped in a UFO with dead alien bodies.

Orrr you might kill one or two, and then get detained pretty quickly.

I can't decide which scenario would be worse.

Unless you have an escape plan, don't ever be caught with a firearm - especially while in mid flight upon a space craft.

But...If we're just talking about just simply Having a handgun on us, for comfort sake. I mean. Maybe! I would have no idea why I was being abducted in the first place. And if i felt that my life depended on it, yes a gun might make me feel safe.

But I certainly wouldn't want to do anything stupid. I'm sure I would be very confused if I woke up and was abducted by aliens. VERY confused.

Guns and confusion can lead to irreversible mistakes..

What if a mistake cost us the fate of the earth?

You're better off just not bringing a gun at all. Be mindful, keep your wits about you, and Leave your firearms behind.

Nope. Okay they are interstellar beings. We can barely get to the moon and mars. The truth is best case scenario the people on board are the dumbest aliens of their species and think of us as insignicantly as we treat ants. Somehow they don't appreciate the power of firearms and you kill them all. Great you are now alone on a ship you have zero idea how to fly and are going to most likely die. Well done.

Alternatively, you have the gun and fire. It bounces off or is absorbed by some sort of armor and you really ticked of the aliens. They decide to either kill you or keep you drugged. You either wake up in your bed with little recognition of what happened or they kill you.

Let's reword the question:

"If you were abducted by Spanish conquistadores, do you think you'd feel any better if you just happened to have a small spear with you?"

In either case, the level of technology is very wide between the abductors (aliens/Spanish explorers) and you (human/primitive tribal person). So the chances of being able to prevail against the abductors are ... slim to none, and Slim just rode off.

However, in both cases, the abductors would recognize either the gun or the short spear as a weapon. It's not something they would fear, but they would know your intentions in attempting to use it. So expect to have it confiscated, your person subdued/restrained, and any conversation would then start with "Why do you want to kill us?" rather than "Hi, we're visiting, take us to your leader."

Also keep in mind, this is a "First Contact" scenario. You think of it as fending off an abduction. THEY think of it as "how the natives react to us as a whole." So by displaying any kind of aggression, you could change the nature of the visit from "exploring" to "extermination" and have no clue about why.

LOL What a stupid question. 1 If aliens had the technology to travel though space they would probably have far better weapons then any person or military have on earth. So a hand gun wont last long against aliens for the most part. that being said, no species in indestructible. An alien might have a vulnerable spot with all their technology that a bullet MIGHT damage or impact enough for a person to get away. Maybe not. But that being said its better to go down fighting then to stand there and let them slaughter you.

No. I do not wish to start a war.

No. Why would they recognize the mighty invincible power of my sidearm? Why would it be a correct assumption that my weapon would be effective against them? Why assume that aliens with the technology to cross the vastness of space to visit our little boondocks planet would be helpless in the face of our primitive technology of death?

If I were abducted by aliens, with or without a handgun in my possession I would mind my god damn manners and hope to get home soon and in one piece.

I don't have a gun of any type but if I did, what would I do? Shoot the one who's driving? Besides it's a well known fact that aliens stun you, undress you and do unspeakable things with their slimy tentacles before they carry out some dubious "examination". If one of the slimy SOBs should pick up your gun it might accidentally shoot itself. No use to you of course but bound to piss the aliens off no end.

You're better off with a poker deck. Teach them to play, take them for everything they got, including driving lessons.

And if we come across any poker-playing aliens, I'll deny everything.

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