If you work overtime, do you get more vacation time?

"If you work overtime, do you get more vacation time?"

This depends a lot on where you work and a little on semantics.

The semantics part, first:

While it's technically not earning more vacation by working overtime, many places allow employees to earn "comp time" (compensated time). Instead of working overtime and earning 1.5x my regular salary, I could "bank" time at the same rate. Later, if I wanted to take a few days off, I could use the comp time instead of true vacation time.

So, for instance, if I picked up an extra 5 hours of work, I could submit a time sheet and get paid for 7.5 hours, or I could bank 7.5 hours of comp time. My former job allowed me to cash in accumulated comp time, as well.

Where you work is a major factor, as some places don't allow employees to accumulate comp time. Contracts are also significant, as they generally establish what can and cannot be done in the work settings.

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