If your parents have been divorced, how much does that raise the chance that you will be divorced or separated?

I firmly believe it depends on the relationship between the parent after the divorce, and the positive emphasis on the fact that two people created kids they love. My parents divorced when I was almost 19 (and it was "complicated" before that - long separations for work & school). They are still the best of friends (who manage to get on each other's nerves as only long term friends can). As for my own relationship, my parents situation was different. Should my husband and I divorce, it would be because OUR situation became untenable for some reason between us.

Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

Well, to be frank, I was delaying in answering this question in Quora since I myself was little doubtful with some of the research findings. But finally, my search ended with an article in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition[3].So let me put it in simple and straightforward points that Coffee does not cause an increase in weight.

What is a book that no one has heard of but changed your life?

Non-fiction: The Confessions of St AugustineNot necessarily a book that no one has ever heard of, but I think too few people have actually read it. This book gives a glimpse into the heart and mind and life of one of the greatest church

Spot reduction doesn't work, but targeted muscle growth and specific body fat percentage reduction does - What do you think?

Think of this way, can you spot build the fat? If one could, a lot of women rather prefer having fat in their hips than their waistlines.It's one's genetics and day to day activities decide where should the fat be