Illegal situation with parents. What to do?

Just a hunch, but when you say they've been "drugging" you, do you mean that they've been forcing you to take antipsychotic medication prescribed by a doctor?  And do any of the experiences you're describing as "illegal" involve taking you for involuntary treatment in a psychiatric facility?
I ask these questions because I see two possibilities here.  One is that your parents are mentally ill, and that they have delusions about you, or as you call them, "pointless concerns" and "fantasy problems".  The other possibility is that you are mentally ill, and your parents are reasonably very concerned about you.  Unfortunately, if you are indeed psychotic, then any attempt to reason with you is going to further entrench your idea that they are the ones who are crazy.
If you take this to court, and an independent observer in the form of a judge examining the case finds your version of events to not be substantiated by the evidence, then I hope you become more able to accept any help you need.
I'm only working with the limited information you have posted, but I consider it entirely possible that the events as you see them are not going to be consistent with the way anybody else looking at the situation would see it.
You need to stick some details here such as your age, whether you're in school or working and what your lawyer has advised.

If you've actually begun any kind of legal process, you must defer to your lawyer's advice.

If you have proof that your parents are attempting to poison you, you need to have the police involved and the food analyzed and leave the house immediately. If you're a minor, you need to call Child Protective Service along with your lawyer, who should assist you with that.

Are you on medication or under treatment by a therapist. This is a disturbing post and your allegations are serious.
I am surprised you haven't already left. You never know what will happen in court. It isn't worth it to stay.

You won't automatically get the house or anything else, unless they give it to you. If you win a lawsuit, it will be years before you see money, if you see money.
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