I'm 16 and I feel like I should do more. Will making a schedule help?

It will most certainly help, and this advice comes from none other than Jordan Peterson. And from a fellow procrastinator: Good on you for starting so early. I will start again myself just as soon as sunday is over... (Don't do that, do it now)

He advises using Google Calendar on your phone, btw.

You may want to check Youtube videos of Jordan Peterson about this. One to look at is the one titled "Clean your room", I think.

Other advice: Keep some spare time, don't get yourself run into the ground by a draconian schedule. Have some fun as well.

Yes, as long as you include a plan b, c, d and e along with the original schedule. Because things have a time and place for maturing. You can't make coffee or tea without heating water, but if you have no stove that would be the first item on the agenda. So when planning and you can't get all the items together and have no alternative plan you are stopped. just like this question, if no one answered you would have to go somewhere for an answer. If you got lots of answers you have choices as to which to take. Live your life so it is full of choices. Make it fun and the choices will be easier to follow.

Well, make it not on the paper but in mind. So, you can execute that in your real life. To achieve it you need to follow it with your heart and positivity if not, leave it and you will make it some other time when it will be more important to you.

Yes. Making a schedule helps a lot. Make one for the upcoming week and one for tomorrow. Keep a very small pad with you or use an app for your phone and update it several times a day. A schedule reminds you of what you need to get done and checking one off of your list is surprisingly rewarding, making you feel more constructive and like you have accomplished something in a day. Try it for a week or two and see if you aren't actually getting twice as much done and feeling much better about yourself!

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