I'm 16 and I want to move out of my parents house and buy a house, how can I?

Legally divorce your parents. This will be a long process if you don't have a reason to do so but if successful you can become a legal adult at 16. What would be the reason you would want to do this is my question. You have to have a job making at least 45k a year in order to live on your own. You would most likely have to drop out of school also to be considered a legal adult. Yet another long process by the time its all over with you will only have to live with your parents another year and why not just wait it out. You only have to deal with them another two years. Unless you have a legitimate reason to do so (they beat you, don't give you food and water, etc.) I wouldn't do this. I am not you but take my advice just wait it out you only have 2 more years with them, save up your money so you can buy a place of your own and won't have a mortgage for the rest of your life. Do as you wish and may your choice be wise.


Zachary Martin

Is it legal for a father to shower with his 15 year old son?

I had a dad who also felt as if he owned me - doing whatever he pleased, anytime he pleased.There were no cameras in our house, yet holes in the ceiling. Whenever I'd enter the bathroom, he'd enter the attic and watch me through the holes. With the bedrooms in the house, mine was the

Do women find quiet, shy, or introverted men attractive?

Please do not listen to the girls answers, please or you will continue this cycle like your girl ‘friends' have pointed out.Will a shy, quiet guy who has a more introverted personality attract women?The answer: No, not in practise. Why? because lets say you are around these girls whom you wish to

Why are Indians so obsessed with marriages?

Original Post: Why are Indians so obsessed with marriages?As I see it, there are three plus two other reasons for the