I'm 32 years old and still live with my parents. Should I stay or move out?

We can't answer that. It's an individual decision. There are many such situations that are clearly mutually beneficial; there are many where dysfunction is perpetuated.

Some factors to consider are people's satisfaction with the arrangement; whether chores and expenses are equitable; whether the social lives of the family are impaired by the arrangement; health needs; economic options for other housing; and much more.

Most frequently, the situation is more complicated, with advantages and disadvantages. In such a case, you might benefit from consulting a personal counselor to review your options. You might also consider living independently but very nearby to maintain the positives of the parental connection.

It is also possible that you could try living separately with an understanding that all of you will revisit the situation after a period of time to see if that makes more sense than living together. In life, it is often quite acceptable and advisable to try out a situation before making a final decision.

We don't know enough to give you clear advice.

Why don't I like to work?

Well,You have opened a can of worms by asking this. Extreme judgement ahead. Get ready to be majorly offended. Sorry...!You have a very big trust fundHaven't graduated yet, so hate those low paying jobs, and consider them menialExtremely lethargic or lazy or entitledNo one gives you a job because

What is your favorite Indian food?

Food is something which is universally loved! :p However, listed below are some of my favourite Indian dishes! (among many)1. Biryani : Well, who doesn't love this lip smacking delicacy introduced by the Mughals? We're truly thankful to them for this. The combination of flavourful and aromatic rice with juicy and tender meat is just too good.

How to shape my muscles without increasing their size

The term shaping your muscles is a little misleading here because you can't shape muscles without making them bigger. The person in that photo is someone who has spent years building muscle which means making them bigger. The shape you see is just because he has very low body fat percentage.Now i think what you mean is