I'm a 15 year old girl, I'm 5 ft and weigh 74 pounds, should I be concerned?

Maybe I'd go to your doctor. My 13 year old is 5 foot 2 same height as I am and weighs around 110. At only 5 foot you most likely wont be growing anymore since you are at age 15 but 74 pounds inthi I would be considered underweight unless you are like a really tiny framed person. Again talk to a doctor. Maybe you aren't eating enough. You need at least 1200 calories a day and if really active probably more than that like 1400 to 1600 a day.

What do you believe to be the meaning of life? Whatever it is, how do you strive daily to strengthen your beliefs and improve your life?

I read a book by a Navy Seal a few weeks ago at work. Graveyard shift and it was just lying around. In it, the author described his basic training and the hells they went through. One passage struck me as particularly poignant.As I'm sure everyone knows, the way you tap out

Why aren't most Muslim countries secular? How do Muslims in secular countries feel about this situation?

Secular countries meaning true secular ones like America and India etc where you can build any religious place, women can wear what ever they want etc.Well one, that does happen in the Islamic world and second, we have different histories.There was

Why shouldn't I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?

Yes, it must be amazing to have a gf! But again it varies person to person, all my friends who have gf are not always happy! Some time they are frustrated and talks like the guy in "Pyar Ka Punchnama"  movie.  But when I see their life, I feel