I'm a skinny 17 year old male who's started doing calisthenics. How long would it be til it shows some visible results?

If you're dedicated and train hard - you'll see some results in 1–3 months.

Focus on Deep Knee bends/Bodyweight Squats for high reps - this is a classic exercise that's been used for centuries by wrestlers and athletes to build muscle, strength and stamina.

Various forms of pushups and pullups will hit the upper body nicely. Use different hand spacings and build up your reps.

Finish off with wind sprints or hill sprints.

After 8–12 months, you'll DEFINITELY see a difference.

After that, you may want to shift to weight training, because now that your body is conditioned to physical exercise, the gains will be pretty dramatic.

**NOTE - you will need to eat A LOT, to build muscle mass. You can't build muscle on a diet, especially if you have a fast metabolism. That's one of the basic mistakes that skinny trainees make, they don't eat enough food, especially protein, to recover from physical exercise and build muscle mass.

What are good bodyweight workouts for mass?

As long as you are eating enough calories to grow (and that means eating a lot of food) - there are some very good bodyweight exercises that you can do to add more muscle.Pushups and all their variationsHits your chest, shoulders and tricepsPullups and all their variationsFor building a massive back

What are some strategies for getting the 'six pack abbs' for a busy man?

Well definitely your diet but that's obvious. Perhaps look into forms of fasting as that's an amazing method of fat loss in my experience. Because that's all it is essentially, burning fat until your abdominals are visible. It would also be very important to perfect your posture since your abdominals take over all stabilization when this is done. Most