I'm an obese guy of 18 years age. How do I increase my height as well as decrease my weight????????

Believe me the only thing you can easily get rid off  easily is obesity. I keep on swinging between 78kg - 92kg depending on how little no do I maintain my good habits(I promise not to make you run on treadmills or be breathless like a dog in gym)

I shall share points that that are to be focused nd practised regularly and in parallel.

Point number 1: Sleep x 7hrs.

Sounds funny right that I am obese I I am born to run, kill myself, cycle hard. Well that may be true for few but Sleep is the best way.

Point number 2: Let only air be in touch with you.
Sorry for sounding vulgar but sleeping naked really really helps you kill a lot of fat.
I stay in hostel so am unable to do it.

Point number 3: Motion Strict and Posture  Fixed

Waking up early and having a smooth motion out is the changing changing theory (investigated by me) and what I feel is the more we offend the postures of our day to day schedule like sitting with curved back, lying in the the position of Lord vishnu (we are humans) and walking as if we will die with more step forward is is the biggest fault. So keep the body postures perfect.

Point Number 4: Yoga and Pranayam
 We feel like killing people who say that we should go for running with our 105kg body. That's simply not possible. First increase your endurance, breathe flow and blood flow with prenatal nd yoga.

Point number 5: Diet Plan.
Forget Italian, Forget Junk,  Eat fibres and Fruits. Well it really helps but if we eat them please maintain a calorie chart if you take it you need to work harder physically.

Rather than avoiding what you should not take I believe in suggesting what we should take because we are foodholics and never mind adding items to our menu.

Honey and lemon with like warm water empty stomach, green tea, buttermilk after every meals, good protein diet and fats included a bit.
Eat in multiple diets and with proper gaps.

Point number 6: We can't exactly run from running.
  • Once you do all above activities your mind shall automatically trigger your body to physically challenge itself.
  • Begin with the PT that was taught in school.
  • Small cardio exercises
  • Start with brisk walking.
  • Move on to jogging
  • Then Sit ups.
  • Cycle and workout on stairs.
  • Pushing a wall kills you fat faster.
  • Wear warm clothes and start kick boxong it helps reduce belly fat.
  • Going to gym is the bad option initially as if you leave the continuity it would leave you with extra family pack.
  • Soon you will groom yourself as a person who may go to gym to get cuts and strong physique.

Point Number 7: Stress is directly proportional to Obesity.

Laugh with your friends, enjoy the family time, discuss problems with close ones because that helps you develop a stress free mind.

Point Number 8: Testosterone
Don't waste it I hope you got it.

Point Number 9: If above points do not work Consult a Doctor

Point number 10: Keep up the patience and high spirit

Getting fit is not a task task achieved overnight so do not give up.

And one more thing we are the special ones chosen by God who can show to everyone that with hard work and sacchi Shraddha everything is possible. Love yourself but kill your fat.
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