I'm doing chin-ups, seated rows and dumbbell concentration curls, what other lifts can I incorporate to bump up my bi-ceps?

A seated row acts indirectly on the biceps. Seated rows are used primarily to develop lats. It belongs in your lat work out. Remove it from your bicep work out.

Chin ups are okay. They work the biceps.

If all you have access to is a straight bar do three sets of curls. One set with a normal grip, one with a wider than normal grip, and one set with your hands so close together that your hands touch. This wide grip will place the most stress on the inner head, the close grip the outer and the normal grip both. Try to do a fourth set with the normal grip.

If you have access to a curl bar do two sets with the inner grip and two sets with the outer grip. It wouldn't hurt to finish with a set of curls on a straight bar with a normal grip.

Hammer curls are helpful in building the biceps close to the elbow as is the practice of using a full range of motion for curls especially in the eccentric part of the reps.

Someone mentioned triceps. I'll take it a little farther. Think about supersets. A set of curls followed by a set of dips. You'll get more blood into your arm and both biceps and triceps will benefit from this.

Other triceps exercises:

  • Triceps extensions using a barbell.
  • Triceps extensions using a triceps bar
  • Triceps extensions using a dumbbell. Two sets of these. Reverse which hand is the upper hand under the plate for each set.
  • Skull crushers
  • triceps press downs
  • Close grip bench presses.

You should also get in at least a couple sets of reverse curls.

How about some wrist curls with a bar and some wrist roller work for your forearms?

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