I'm going to cut off ties with my mom but not my dad. How do I go about this?

Without knowing the situation, it is hard to advise. There are so many good reasons and impetuous reasons for estrangement. Sometimes even 2 sides to every story...

If your Dad loves your Mom, it is not fair to put yourself in the middle of that relationship. Just as if one of your parents hated a partner you choose. Not really their place to encroach and your Dad may feel the same.

My Dad has had some interesting relationships over time... I show up and figure out how to make it work, because I love him and want to see him. Sorry that your Mom is the person that makes you uncomfortable, but it is his choice and you must respect if, not force him into a situation to accommodate you. She came first, whether you agree or disagree with his life choice, you have to respect and consider that.

Hi iam actually in your future situation and let me tell you i do not regret it at all. I dont know your situation but im pretty sure there is a reason.

My suggestion is if you dont really speak to your mum just keep it at that, you dont have to sit and explain to her that you dont want to talk to her anymore

As for you dad keep doing what your doing things happen in life and everyone makes different decsions depending on their situation. Do what you believe is right and suitable for you not what people tell you what you should do or what is expected.

Much luck

Hi. I'm sorry for your estrangement from your mom. I've been there as well as my siblings.

A less difficult way is to stop contacting her and don't take her calls. Carry on with your life and block out the toxins associated with your mom.

Take a break from all that she is.

You would be surprised by how many bonds are restored by giving it time. It may take months, years or it may never happen.

If your parents live together, ask your father not to speak of her. You don't need salt in your wounds.

Best wishes,

We can choose our friends but we can't choose our family.

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