I'm so sad today. What are some ideas I can do to cheer up?

Either indulge in, some really good chocolate, or comfort food. Watch a movie, or a comedy. Read a funny book if you have one.

Surround yourself with as many flowers, and as much plant life, bought or picked, as possible. Dot flowers everywhere around your home, flat, or abode.

A single, large headed flower placed in any pretty, glass vessel is lovely. Set one on a bedside table, or in a bathroom, and it can make a difference in atmosphere, to the whole room.

Think of each flower as a special gift to yourself. What better sight to see on waking, than a gorgeous fresh flower.

ONLY FOR THE BRAVE; Walk down a public street, and unabashedly practice some, ministry of funny walks, walks; see Monty Python's Flying Circus, for reference.

Watch some hilarious, cat clips on U-Tube.

Have a really deep, hot bath with essential oils, or a favourite bath foam. Listen to music, or light some candles, while you are in there.

If you love coffee, or hot chocolate, get out your best China mug, and make a really good cup for yourself, and savour the flavours.

Write a letter to someone you like, who doesn't live close by, and make it as cheery, and interesting as possible.

Talk to someone, who is funny, if you can find one nearby.

Put on some pumping dance music, and tap a toe, as they say.

Sometimes a relaxing hobby can help. I like those adult coloring books for moments of desperation. When used with really good pencil crayons, they seem to clear the cobwebs.

Any relaxing hobby is good though.

Something that I find quite helpful, is helping someone else in whatever way you can. Do it without asking for anything in return. It feels satisfying to know you made someone else feel better that day.

It also feels uplifting, when you pay someone a truly genuine compliment, not one that you just say, out of general politeness.

Find a safe green area like a popular park, and enjoy the natural environment. Take a moment to notice, and appreciate the beauty of the trees, grass, flowers, sky, people, or animals nearby.

If you have a friendly pet, or you know someone who does, give it a big hug, and lots of attention. You will be surprised how much better you feel, when a pet returns your affection.

If you have time and energy, get out and about on a bike, or go for a swim.

Get yourself spruced up, and put on your best finery. Feeling and looking good, seems to help the mood, a great deal.

  1. Listen to some happy music. If you subscribe to a music streaming service like Amazon Prime Music, look for a "happy" or "celebration" playlist.
  2. Go outside. Watch the birds. Robins are starting to appear in my yard, even though it's cold and blustery today. Daffodils are blooming. I even spotted a dandelion poking out of the grass. Look for signs of Spring in your neck of the woods.
  3. Watch a funny movie or get on YouTube and watch cat fail videos.
  4. Look through old photos or journals that remind you of happier times.
  5. Try a new hobby or craft, like cross-stitching, crochet, or building bird houses.
  6. Talk to someone you love.
  7. Read people's funny autocorrect fails.
  8. Go to the library and get lost in the stacks.
  9. Check out the Kids Say the Darndest Things Category on The Huffington Post.
  10. Look at this picture of my cat wearing sunglasses:

Here is a "Happiness Habit" that works for me and only takes 5 minutes a day....
Most people will agree that every life has its blessings and every life has its miseries.
It's only natural that the people who count their blessings will feel blessed and those who count their miseries will feel miserable Seems like an easy choice to me but developing a "Habit " makes it easier to do in practice.
May I suggest...........
At night when we put our heads on our pillows, most of us have 5 minutes before we fall asleep. Make good use of that time
Take the first 3 minutes and think of 3 blessings from that day. Don't raise the bar too high, don't expect to win the lottery , get the girl or promotion every day. Appreciate the sunrise or the rainbow, your child's smile or a friends help. Any blessing, no matter how small counts.
Take the 4th minute and think about one of the days miseries, the embarrassment, accident, faux pas or problem. Whichever affected you the most.
Take the 5th minute,. See if you can find if/how YOU contributed to your
misery. Some problems are out of the blue but most people who are honest with themselves can recognize their contribution to 95% of their problems.
That's it, 5 minutes and put the day behind you Don't dwell , Sleep well.
I call this a "Happiness Habit" because for it to work, you have to make it a habit.
Try it 7 days and here's what you can expect on the eighth morning
You'll wake up knowing there will be three blessings today and human nature will ensure you'll be looking for them. You'll know there will be a problem, but you'll also know you're better able to deal with it and less likely to have caused it yourself.
I was raised on television so , BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!
Once you're in the habit of looking for those first three blessings you'll find there are a lot more than three. We are all blessed.
Try it for a week , you have nothing to lose

Humans need certain things everyday to stay happy.

  1. Human interactions
  2. Challenging your mind
  3. Physical activities
  4. Healthy eating
  5. Purpose/passion
  6. Financial stability

You need to identify which of these areas you are lacking in and then make the appropriate changes if you want to find long term happiness beyond today or tomorrow.

A seventh wild card could be spiritual development :)

YouTube these

Ted talks

Russell Peters

Thug Life videos

BB ki Vines

John Mayer

Logan Paul

Laugh.enjoy.rejoice.recall.... live, again.

Walking and listening to music always cheer me up. Or just walking depending how you feel. If you don't feel like listening to the world walk with some headphones. If you feel like listening to the world then don't. Also if your not the walking type writing your thoughts down in a journal everyday helps. Sometimes even answering questions on quora helps me feel better. Whatever you do I hope it works :).

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How long can a person survive on eating only doughnuts?

How long can a person survive on eating only doughnuts?Twenty-two days, seven hours and fifteen minutes.After that, your brain explodes.Dunkin Donuts did experiments on Tunisian orphans, back in the 60s. But they hushed up the results, the same way the tobacco companies did with their cancer studies.On the plus side, doughnuts are still very popular in Tunisia.