In 25 words or less, how do I avoid injury and survive a parachute jump without ever being trained?

Use AAD equipped rig switch on.

Strap in arms legs & chest tight.

Grab toggles. Steer into wind dodge obstacles.

Knee slide.

23 words :D

Long form. You get a skydiving rig with an AAD like a Vigil 2. It is an device that fires a cutter that will open your reserve at 1800ft. Your reserve is a free bag (bag containing it won't be attached to the canopy) thus will have a much lower malfunction chance.

Strap in leg straps, arm straps and chest strap. If you don't you'll fall out of the rig.

You then go out the door and simply fall. The AAD if turned on will auto open your canopy.

You then reach up grab the toggles that are red on the reserves and use it to steer left and right.

You turn to face the wind to lower your landing velocity. Normally you pull both toggles about 10–15ft off the ground to flare and cause a soft landing, you can slide on your knees for a fairly safe landing.

Who lives better life?

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What is the meaning of life? How does it differ from our purpose in life?

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