In India, if a central govt. employee loses his job as a result of the RTI filed against him, where should he go for filing a case? Can he get his job back?

Any central government, state government or pulic sector employee whose service is terminated by the concerned organisation for any reason can go and file a case directly in the High court under Article 226 of Indian constitution. The case will be filled in that High Court were the Employee was working prior to his/ her removal from the services. I remind you, you need not to go to civil court in this matter.

What is the most awkward moment that happened to you due to your clothes?

I was the youngest of three girls. We grew up poor, so new clothes were a huge rarity in my life. I mostly wore hand me downs. Because I was considerably smaller than my older sisters until around the time I hit puberty,

What are your favorite mental tricks to keep motivating yourself to work out?

Reading motivational everyday Robin Sharma's Who will cry when you die?...don't think negative...... I tell u story how to think in difficult situations and overcome them....Feb. 7th , 1999 India vs. Pakistan test match, 2 nd Innings, Ferizeshah Kotla Cricket Stadium, Delhi.             Inzamam-Ul-Haq

Is Amazon likely to resemble the evil corp of Mr.Robot?

A2A, (beware its a lengthy answer...sorry but question itself is philosophical in nature. But, if you are in hurry, you can still take some fun scroll to the bottom and read tl;dr you lazy sloth)...Detailed: Well to understand this, first of all