In India, what is the perfect age to get married for a boy?

In India there is no Age limit for a Guy to marry a Girl .

The limit is depending upon who you are , and what you are !

A Guy's marriage is depending upon his family background , His own status , His job , His personality , His Qualification .

Government Job Vs Private job :

Here the probability of marriage age can be less for government Job guy because he has a stable job and so he can get a girl soon .

The probability of private job guy needs to work hard and make sure that he will never lose the job even accidentally too . His marriage age is uncertainty. May be more .

Rich Vs poor :

The probability of Rich Guy's age limit will be around 26 . And even at the age of 23 also possible . Anytime . Age is not a matter here .

The probability of poor Guy's age limit will be extended to any high . And he has to wait and wait .

Reservation based marriage Age limit :

General Quota Guys :

IAS , IPS , all group A, B officers , Doctors , Government Engineers , Business man , Lawyers , Charted accountants , Politicians, Actors - No age limit . They can marry at any age and so possible for them too.

Backward Quota Guys :

Working in software company , private jobs , other private related companies , daily wage earning qualified jobs , factory job etc - Age limit is there . They can't easily get a girl to marry after 30 crossed . They will get a divorcee or any girl who is not of their wish .

Scheduled Quota guys :

Working in daily wage , construction workers , unorganized sector labors , contract workers , etc - Marriage age for them will start at the age of 14 to 30 .

As usual , Majority of the Guy's marriage is depending upon the Family status , parent's background , Smartness in appearance and mind , His own Qualification and Job .

Money, career, finding the right person etc. are all valid and obvious points to consider before marriage. I don't think they need any further elaboration.

But what's the most important thing vis-à-vis marriage and age?

It's when you realize that you are mature enough to lead a life-long (hopefully) relationship. Sure, at around 25, every male is physically mature. But what about emotional maturity? I see many so called "men" who are nothing but over-grown boys. They have the emotional maturity of a teenager who thinks marriage is all about sex and babies and growing fat and old etc.

But a true man realizes the gravity of marriage. You have to lead, you have to set down principles, you have to work hard, you have to fight, and sometimes you have to compromise. You have to - and I cannot stress this enough - be willing to become completely loyal to your partner. Marriage is not a game where you can just walk out whenever you wish just because you got bored and you don't want to play anymore.

If you possess the understanding of the aforementioned things, and if you're above the legal age and willing to marry, go ahead.

Regarding the earnings issue, I think if you marry someone you love, a slight difference or delay in good salary shouldn't stop them from marrying you. Men and women both work nowadays, so I don't think money would be a problem.

If it's a strictly arranged marriage and if your partner is not earning, then I suggest you to strengthen your career first, if you can. And get this low salary-high salary stigma out of your head. It's all relative. Marry someone from a similar economic background as yours. This way, your partner wouldn't feel inadequate and she'll be happy with whatever you bring home. Love and loyalty are the foundations of every successful marriage, not money.

I hope this helped you. Cheers.

My uncle gave me a good explanation for this. I am a 26 year old indian male earning 6 digit salary. My dad is pressurizing me to marry his closest friend's
daughter. I too like her, but i said," I am just 26. I have big career goals, i can't
have another person in my life for whom i have to sacrifice my time"

My uncle intervened in between and told me ," Look beta, I was married at 26 to your aunt. At that time we both were settling in our jobs. Initial two years we
faced lot of problems, We shared our issues and motivated each other. After we saw improvement we started settling down. we had kids, home. We are very happy now.
          Now if i think about the situation that if we had started our relationship after we settled down, we would not have faced any problem, we would not have bonded this much."

I think i liked his explanation for arranged marriages. Infact this is true for love marriages as well. Marry at 26 and think for kids in 29.
It depends on the man totally.

Old India-in the ancient times we all humans had less life expectancy ,so bearing kids which is a main reason why humans do get together,was taken into consideration & priority. During those times, people got married quite early like,women after their puberty. Men however had many partners which included India.

Modern India-in the modern world, as the world is growing there is too much to learn,experience,and fulfil possible expectations . Men & women both chose to think about marriage later in their life. Working businesses often marry after age 30.

Legal System : As followed in most countries, 18 for girls & 21 for boys. Though boys at age 12 or even less get married ,even now in remote , rural areas.

'Go with the flow'-'go with the flow' ,of course there are many boys in India who marry just whenever they feel is right, some marry right after or during school, college, work,when they find their mate and time appropriate & reasonable enough.

External pressures:there are pressures when boys are just made to marry against their will too early (age may vary on the religion,caste,family,orthodox thinking,death of a family member,social liability,the place they belong etc) especially in India. So the age ratio depends on this factor too.

But like any other free nation & majority of the countries there is a law to marry after a certain age  I.e, 21 for men & 18 for women.

Marriage means a big responsibility , you have to look after a family , a girl will come with you on your responsibility you have to manage with your family because you have a new person in your life ,, many times you have to take one sided decisions . You said money is not a big factor but i think money is really a big factor , without money or insufficient money how would you fulfill your little dreams i just talking about a middle class family . In short i should say if you think you are mature enough to take decisions about your life in any critical situation then you can marry . And in my opinion a good age for boys to marry should be above than 26 . Bank balance is also necessary . I have seen many cases where they lost everything without money. you can't imagine a good future of your kids because these little things really matter and a lot of things you can understand which we face in our daily life . and you said how to fulfill a girl's demand so pls don't hide or lie to girl ,be clear so that she would not dream beyond your pocket and don't marry with that girl whom you want, marry with that girl who wants to spend her life with a person like you .So i think maturity , money , loyalty , faith ,understanding , "Love and Respect" all these factors when coming together marriage will always be on track , and it will give you a lots of beautiful pictures of your life.

sorry for bad English

28 would be the ideal age for marriage.


Most people start working at the age of 23. It's very important that you settle in your professional life before you embark on a personal adventure like marriage. Assuming you switch jobs atleast once and considering a residence period of around 2 years before you have finally settled in, I guess 4-5 years from the age you started working would be an ideal time for marriage. That's around 27-28.

Looking at it from the perspective of retirement, considering a life expectancy of 67 and assuming you would want to spend a decade enjoying retirement, you could retire by 56. By then, you would want your elder child to be earning and settled in his first job. So, backtrack 25 years and you are looking at having your first child at 31. Assuming you would like to spend a couple of years as a married couple before you consider having kids (again, the rationale for 2 years holds - time to settle into the marriage), that comes down to 28-29.

From both approaches, 28 seems a reasonable age to get married.
I would say 25 is the right age, if you worry about settling always you should worry because expectation keeps on increasing .

And do you think marrying at 29 will have the same love and romance factor as marrying at 25 ?

And wat will you do in the next 5 years girls expectation totally changed and increased ?  Again run to meet their expectations for next 5 years ?

Life is process of learning , after you get fully matured if you get married there won't much fun in life.

About ecoectations , Why is to have a life partner who is not ready to struggle with us ? They have to be supportive abd encouraging while we are in the growing phase , so if a guy settle at 30 and if he marry fulfilling all the expectation of girl and some sudden losses will the girl go away ???

And your life is what you design , there are people running families with just Rs.1000 as monthly income and crores as monthly income. It's you who should decide how to run your life, life actually keeps moving how much ever you earn, no one is going to die out of hunger.

Choose the right one, get married, be happy, life will automatically move smoothly .

Time for some cliche talk. That's the whole catch: there is no right age; it is all about the right person. The moment you feel that you have found the one, go for it.

Fact is that you don't want to start early and end up as a variable of a disturbed equation, and its even worst when you are running late. So yes, when you have the right person with you, don't delay a tad bit. We all need love, companionship, permanancy of emotions, and its a short life. So live the bliss as long as you can by being an early starter, but without missing out on the crux of so called ‘cliche' stated above.

So, will it work in absence of a great personal career, loads of money, ample achievements etc? It's a valid thought since you are probably in 20s.

What if I am not mature enough or there is lots more to explore? Yes, there is lot of life left.

Detailing it. Essence of a happy relationship is some value addition to life. So it works and works fine, when you contribute to each other and to the clubbed hapiness. Exploring life, places and people, scenarios can be a beautiful experience when done in unison with the special one. You get all the complementation that your mind, heart, thoughts required. So, you don't miss on life. You celebrate it each day with someone worth the sharing.

People having married the wrong one or let's say the not-so-good option would often claim their misery upon their ‘selection of partner' instead of their time-selection for tying the knot.

Essentially what i mean is that young, immature, inexperienced people in their early twenties getting in wedlock have also proven to be great spouses and contributors to the life of their partners. They have had great lives themselves too. Mind you, there have been many who were underachievers in professional life or work in progress when the tied the knot, yet the personal front stayed sorted. Infact, the emotional support from the relationship helped them excel at work.

And on the contrary, well settled, mature, so called ‘smart' ones entering into the comittment zone in 30s, or even 40s have witnessed things getting messed up beyond repair.

So there can't be a right time.

Keep evaluating the people you bond with (date) against the critereon you'd want a partner to meet. The day things tune up, take this relationship more seriously, communicate often about it, and after being sure-for may be about half a year-go for it. Propose her and it should get through easily since you were communicating about this often. The proposal was expected, right? Don't let it be a surprise, or a turn down might kill all your efforts.

This seems to be the model resulting in lower failure and disasters. So, there is no right time. Just the right person.

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