In Western married life, does the husband have to hand over his salary to his wife?

Who controls the purse strings, the wife or the husband, really depends on culture and family, and to a certain extent, the power balance between husband and wife.

In Japan, the wife is called the domestic finance minister in part because the poor husband is so overworked and can't be bothered with domestic decisions such as which fridge to buy, what house to rent, etc.  So in part by default, many husbands hand their salaries to their wives and they in turn, will put aside a daily allowance for the husband as pocket money.

In China, there's a similar trend.  A 2012 HSBC report found that 63 percent of Chinese women play the dominant role in money matters at home. This is well above the international average of 53 percent, the bank found in a survey.

Many Chinese men willingly relinquish their wallets because they want to let their wives feel a sense of security.   There's a saying in Chinese 男人有钱就变坏 (Men will turn bad if they have too much money).  This was particularly the case a few years back before the anti-corruption campaign was launched by Xi Jingping.  Meaning, many men (corrupt officials and what not)  did a lot of fooling around with mistresses when the money was free flowing.   So the wives demanded that the husbands hand over their entire salaries to them so theycould ensure the husbands would stay faithful.  

A good portion of the men, in the interest of keeping their wives happy, let the wives handle the money.   This is more common with men who are not high wage earners because the power of balance, in such cases, is more tilted in favor of the wives.  In fact, many would-be wives made it clear before getting married that they be given the job of handling the money, lest they would not agree to the marriage.   So these men, in the interest of also keeping their parents happy (getting married is considered one of the most important forms of filial piety in the Chinese culture), will say yes to their prospective wives.   In China (and a good part of Asia for that matter), people make compromises because of family and societal pressure.
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