In how many months can I reduce 8 kgs?

At least in 6 weeks if taken proper nutrition recommended by dietitians along with proper workout schedule and fat burner.
You need to first understand the type of fat burner good for you, your current body structure and BMI and also which all things you need to include in your daily diet.

One very important factor is the way you take food in a day. You must take small potions throughout the day to keep you energized and for discouraging fat accumulation.

I will also share 2 easy to use ideas to stay fit :)

- If you are awake 18hrs (lets say), take 18/3 = 6 potions of small meals at every 3hrs of interval (full of fibre, fresh fruits, NO packed juice etc etc )

- "Neither remain empty stomach for long, nor over stuff yourself (specially when you find your favourite food)" - these things make your body accumulate fat.
How to present yourself in a way so that your colleagues and clients take you seriously if you're one of the youngest at work

I seem to have this knack about me for always being the youngest guy in the room.  For a while, I felt insecure about it.  Especially out in the working world people would ask how old I am, smile, and then as if comforting an infant, say, "Awww, you're still so young!"Now, I see

What exercises should I do to improve my upper body strength so that I can increase my push ups count, if I am resting my arm from pushup? My fitness test is coming soon, and I require to do 20+ military type push ups.

I think you should set a rule for yourself that will force you to do at least 300 push ups a day. I did this when I was younger, I had set a rule that every time I enter my room I would do a set of ten push ups. This would result

What 'experiments' did you do to find out you were gay?

When i was a young teenager i lived on a farm and has lots of guys and girls that were my friend. And we.would spend nigjts at eachothers houses and camp out in the back yard or bush. And i was 15 and whent to church