In movies, why do aliens always land in the USA?

Movies usually take place in the nation where they are being made. So aliens in Animés land in Japan, while London is the focus for aliens in the British TV show "Doctor Who." Etc.

To go further, the aliens in movies almost always land in America's biggest cities: New York City or Los Angeles. Why? Because most of the movie writers come from these two cities. In fact, most of anything in American fiction seems to occur in NYC or LA. People write about what they know, so the cities they live in are easy subjects.

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because they're movies aliens have been around for many years and not in the USA they have Been around the ruins of of our ancestors prove with the way they wrote on the walls showing actual alien pictures

Have you ever been fondled in public?

WARNING: KINDA SEXUAL CONTENT (duh).Is it bad if the one ‘fondling' you is your future lover and fiancée?I don't know.Anyways, I was about 16, and my class was on this spring trip to an art camp, with cabins and shower buildings, it was actually quite nice, they kept the place really clean

What is the incident that changed your life and way of thinking about love?

The birth and death of my nephew who was born when I was in college and became a part of my soul and committed suicide at the age of 24. The next day my mother who was my second heart

Why my usa visit visa has been rejected?

Well, from the perspective of the consular officer, she/he must ascertain that you are motivated enough to return to your country and not stay on as an illegal immigrant. That means proving that you have establishment at your country of residence - property, family, kids at school, etc. are considered good examples of establishment. A good job, unfortunately,