In the MCU, if the Outriders have replaced the Chitauri during the Battle of New York, would they have won?

Sure. If anyone has read my bio you know I'm more partial to Steve Rogers, but in this situation, its a lot harder if not impossible to win if your the avengers. Think about it. If what I'm thinking is right, and as Thanos said after the battle the earthlings where tougher then he thought. I'm guessing beofre the battle, he didn't think earth would be hard to get/take under his control. So when he goes all crazy, he sends in his light goons.

Who is your favourite Marvel superhero? Why?

WARNING: I will be discussing things containing SPOILERS for movies such as INFINITY WARS. Proceed with caution...........Who's my favorite Marvel superhero?This Guy:

Have religions outlived their purpose?

How can you out live the purpose of spiritual progression? Of becoming a better person, of serving a higher purpose than yourself, of overcoming resentments, forgiving your worse enemies and accepting SOME responsibility. As a psychology major, in the last year of grad school, I've become fascinated by the health benefits of having a religious belief.

Why do people watch food shows?

I love to watch food shows.Australian Masterchef and Great British Bake Off are my current favourites!I watch them for the crazy dishes I could never make at home and to get recipes to try at home. Of course, I also love to see the disasters and mistakes.With these two programmes