In time travel, if a paradox is avoided by history 'splitting' into alternate universes, would that make sense?

There is the multiverse this is already accepted. Alternate has no way of not becoming swamped with paradoxes to its own existence.

On one world you would have missed meeting one person then why not ten thousand. Each could have been a separate betrothed to you.

In my own case I simply stopped looking and became more involved in my own life. Hurrah ten thousand and one ideas and sharply rising.

I will find a subject to point you into a direction. I happen to enjoy Nathans viewpoints. Also he spends lots to make all of his entries have significant meanings. Strange mysteries here we go again.

It could make sense in whatever fantasy universe that presents the paradox. However, I can't can't see how this could make sense in terms of the physics in the real universe (multiverse?) that is understood at the present time.

The physics of that fantasy universe may be proven correct under some unforeseen conditions. I can't logically exclude that possibility. However, just about every analysis of time travel so far is ‘literary license'.

Let's put it this way: it makes as much sense as the concept of backwards time travel. That is to say, there's no evidence in the real Universe that supports the possibility of time travel or splitting Universes, but it would at least be logically consistent in a science-fiction story.

Apart from the fact that currently backwards time travel isn't possible, and by splitting into alternate universes you'd be creating something out of nothing, yes.

In a Sci-Fi story this would be acceptable as a premise of time travel.

If an infinitely powerful alien race asked us to choose between the complete destruction of all weapons or total annihilation, what would you do?

Complete destruction of all weapons is total annihilation. Hands, feet teeth, elbows are all weapons in the right circumstances.This illustrates how banning guns may look good but people will just find another weapon to use.

What are some good flat earth science fiction movies?

The animated movie Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas feature the flat earth as a main plot point.Look up for