In what ways are husband better than the wife?

Q. In What ways Mangoes are better than Apples? (Both are fruits, Both are sweet, Both are very popular etc..)

The same answer applies to this.

It's a stupidity to think / compare like this, because it doesn't really going to help to cement wife-husband relationship. Let's reduce ourselves from such negative thoughts or questions.

  • For a successful married life cooperating each other is very important, instead of comparisons.
  • It's a beautiful bond which involves love, affection, caring, romance, sweet quarrels, living one for the other etc.
  • In marital life Understanding, Acceptance and if needed Compromises having more weightage than Comparisons.
  • No couple with comparisons lived happily in the history or living happily somewhere in the world. If a relationship reaching a level, where comparisons and judgings ruling, then such relationship's sustainability is really a question mark.

I request stop unhealthy comparisons.

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