In what ways is Florida better than California?

I currently live in Florida but have lived in California as well. They both have their plusses and minuses. Really hard to say that one is BETTER than the other. I suppose there are a few tway that Florida shines over California. The main one would be the beaches there are hundreds of miles of accessible beaches in Florida that you do not have in California. Taxes would be another. There are no state income taxes in Florida. Cost of living is much lower in most all of Florida than it is in California. However when you get down to south Florida and the keys it can get pretty expensive. If you are older, you will find a much friendlier reception in Southern Florida than in California.  

Having said that, I could just as easily make a list of things of ways that California is better that Florida.
a.- Cheaper cost of living
b.- The beaches are way more beautiful.
c.- The temperature of the ocean is warm almost all year around
d.- No earthquakes. Yes, someone is going to say "but you guys have hurricanes" so the answer is, yes, but we will know a week in advance where it may hit, and how severe it would be. Do that with an earthquake ;-)
c. Latin people, Latin culture, Latin music, Latin food and diversity ....

Well Florida is a cheaper state to live in than California.

Florida has a lot of attractions in each of the cities.

Orlando: Walt Disney World, Sea World,

Universal Studios, Aquatica,Volcano Bay,

Discovery Cove,I-Fly,I drive 360,Sea life

Aquarium, Holy land Experience, Fun Spot,etc

Tampa: Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, etc.

California is more expensive to live in than Florida

Dining,shopping, attractions, and other things are more spread out in California

California also has beaches which is only a short drive away

California has theme parks and amusement parks such as Disneyland,

Sea World, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Pacific Pier Park,

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Florida and California are both great states for a weekend getaway trip with family or friends.

No State income tax, crazy, Low priced housing, no fires, no earthquakes, Low Low property taxes. Hurricanes yes, but if you choose to live in areas where hurricanes are rare ( panhandle, I'm looking at you) you can mitigate that. Everyone is from Someplace else so they are friendly. That's about it.

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