In your opinion how much muscle is too much for a woman?

Unless Women take steroids or enhances the amount of muscle they can have by artificial methods the natural muscles that a women can build especially in the upper body is quite limited and except for the genetic anomalies in women who might have a abnormal amount of musculature... acc to me training hard with weights will only make a woman more and more attractive no matter the amount of muscle she puts on provided the method is natural.

Who is Regina Louise?

Regina Louise was born in 1961. When she was five, she was abandoned by her parents. For the next thirteen years, until she was 18, she lived in different shelters and foster homes.A recent docudrama covers her life as a teenager from age 13 to 18:

What if I am skinny and still go for heavy weights in the gym?

BONY TO BEASTLYThere's only a few things that you have to keep in mind 1. Eat BigThis right here is rule #1 for a reason.All the big guys out there are big not because of the hours they spend at the gym every session or all

How to reduce thigh fat without taking medicine

First thing is spot reduction of fat is not possible. If you want to reduce fat you can follow thisIn the daily morning drink warm water with lemon and honeyDrink plenty of waterAvoid high carbs food and junk foodIncrease protein intake that is 1gm per pound of your body weight.Do