India: What jobs earn money by working 2-3 hours on weekends in India?

My answer to this question is just a suggestion based on my experience, I hope it may be helpful to you.

After too many search in Google, I came to know about "Online Crowd Worker" projects provided by trusted project owners with good reputations. There are few international companies that provide genuine work from home opportunity to the applicants of any country without any investment. They are,

  1. Leapforce
  2. Lion Bridge
  3. Appeb
  4. ISoftStone

Google the above given companies and apply for the projects.

There are many number of projects are available, some of them are:

  1. Web Page Evaluator
  2. Web Search Evaluator
  3. Translater
  4. Audio to text converter

You will be asked to submit your resume and contact details, after that they will contact you through your registered e-mail address.

A qualification test is conducted during recruitment process. Qualification tests of "Leap force" are little challenging at the same time they pay you more.

You will be working from 25th of current month to 24th of next month, after a quick review on your project your salary will be credited to your account.
Payment is made via PayPal from all of the above mentioned companies, so readily available with an PayPal account before registering.

The following is my payment report for the first month,

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