Indian men abroad, how is life after marriage?

Depends on whom you marry - a lot actually. I am giving US context here for unmarried guys.

One thing Indians won't tell you here is that being an Indian means that you will almost  never get a date from any white girl (Indians tend to go after white girls more than others among other races). And actually it is not always racist either (although that is always lurking). Most Indian immigrants have outlook to life quite different from people born in the US.
Why do people start relationships with people they know they don't love?

Good question..And thank you for asking..Actually I'll give one example...when I liked a girl, I felt very nervous to get her for a ride in bike.Where as I am least bothered when pick up other girls..for bike ride.So similarly...Getting into relationship is very responsible thing...and

Who was the worst boss that you have ever had, and what did they do that made you realize that it was time to change jobs?

Far too many to mention !!!!!My first job was working for Allders International Duty Free Shops at Heathrow a Division of the old UDS Retail Group in the UK.Mr Bully from Huddersfield was about 6 feet 6 inches tall and was just a horrible nasty piece of work - he would do things to drop you in


The Secrets Of Belly Fat Burning Belly fat burning is not just a matter of eating less. Your body needs a certain state in which you create belly fat quickly, but also a state where you just lose belly fat fast.Why do some people get a