Is 12 months enough to lose nearly 40 kg weight?

Its a very realistic goal and absolutely possible. The secret to weight loss isn't what most people will tell you, its not a pill, its not regular workout, its not diets we come up with everyday. The real secret is consistenty and gradual tweaking of your unhealthy lifestyle.

If somebody tells you to do something for 12months to lose 40kgs, it is not how that works. You need to climb that ladder slowly and steadily.

Start with minor modifications like lesser carbs, no binge eating, more water intake, 40 minutes of functional exercise, better sleeping patterns and setting short term goals.

With every step you take, you see more clearly what is to be added and how far it can take you. Never give up and all the best.

What are the benefit differences between pushups and planks?

Actually very challenging this topic.Both are calisthenic exercises, use own body as a resistance.Push up and Plank both exercise activating core , but targeting different things.Push up doing primarily for Improve strength and endurance of Chest muscle, shoulder and biceps. These muscle groups are part of Outer core muscles.One more

How to make my husband love me more every day

Cook delicious food for him.Dress nice and smell nice.Don't be a nag.Love his family as yours.All this may work or may not work. At some point, every wife finds herself in a dilemma like this -

Is 25 - 26 too late for a south indian girl to get married?

I am a 23 year old South Indian girl. I am currently pursuing my PhD in USA. My parents, grandparents and most of my relatives were of the opinion that I should get married to a 'nice' guy who is supportive of my intentions to pursue my education after marriage.