Is 22 too young to get married?

Whether you are a guy or a girl 22 is a very young age to get married.
1. financial stability.
that's something which is really important for a marriage and unless you plan on living off your parents money. you need to be financially stable to have a proper married life and in future to raise kids
2. Maturity.
Many people jump into marriage thinking its all dreamy like all those what the movies show onscreen. You are going to live with someone which would include sacrifices and differences in opinion. You need to be understanding and caring and you need to be thoughtful as well. these things come with age.
3. Career Option. Unless you run your family business or you decide to be a home maker. You  would be giving up a lot on career option because once you are married your career options would have a decision factor that would be your wife. You might not be able to take up all the choices
4. High Probability that you would regret it. You need time to settle down and that's when you would get married.
Who to marry, who not to marry?

The most important thing is to know that love is a commitment not a feeling. Before you marry your spouse you should want to marry your spouse - that would mean that they meet whatever expectations or requirements you might have for a potential marriage

How will I know if the person I love, loves me too? What are the signs?

The answer is quite simple.- People care about you beause of your habilities, your bright side.- People love you becase of your failures, your faults, your dark side.Why? because the whole of you it's what you really

What kind of softwares or tools do hackers use to stay anonymous while hacking?

There are various ways the hackers use to stay anonymous while hacking.However, I'll also say that being completely anonymous is close to a myth.But you can be secure and anonymous to a great extent that makes it quite really difficult to track you.Anyways, Some major methods are:Tor Browser - The TOR stands