Is Algeria a religious country?

It's a good question,which to answer it I have to ask you another question ! What made a country religious according to you ?

The answer must be seen in these things:

1-the practicioners

2-the places of the practicing

3-The manifestation that come out of such practice

4- The legal and the Constitutional respect and consideration of the religion

Let's analyse Algeria 's situation:

1- There is a considerable amount of Algerians who practice the religious duties daily (prayers, Zakat, charity , fasting , ...)

2- The mosques are almost everywhere in Algeria . You notice that when the call for the prayers starts , and that for five times a day ! Especially during prayer of Fajr in the early morning ;

3- Islamic manifestations are a lot like Ramadan , Eid El fire and El Adha etc... and are all celebrated by all the Algerians every year;

4- Many laws in the Algerian jurisdictional system came from the teaching of Islam, I mean from the Quran and the practices of the prophet Muhamad PBUH (El Sunnah) like the law of inheritance for example ...

5- The Constitution of Algeria declares it officially in its second amendment and I quote : Islam is the official religion of the state "

This may answer your question about Algeria being or not a religious country, but in case you want to know the exact proportion . This I claim no one can give you the answer, as from how this country is working . It is neither that so religious not that secular too. We are in that fuzzy zone of schizophrenic identity.

Algeria is more religious than some muslum countries like (Tunisia, libanon) for example and less religious than others like(Iran and Saudi arabia), and it really depends on the religion you are in in Algeria, Oran, bejaia and some neighbors in Algiers are a far less religious, Jijel, ghardaia and Constantine are a lot religious, but in general people are a lot believer than the easters muslum countries.

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