Is America considered a part of the British heritage by British people?

Heritage? It's more than that. We rule the world by proxy through America. You see, people started to get upset by our world dominance. A few idiots spoilt it for us by doing some very silly things (famines suck but having to eat British food?). So we hatched a deal with the Americans, gave them all our cutting edge research and said let's pretend you're in charge. Meanwhile we helped form the Soviet Union (there is a book on this, bear with me!) to keep the global balance of power. That idea went a bit wrong when Krushev stopped following orders, anyway. The Kenyan Hawaii guy


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didn't do as he was told so we replaced him with Donald Trump - the half Scottish guy - and he is doing a marvellous job. Honestly that guy, awesome. We then publicly criticise him so that we appear to be impartial but really - WE LOVE THIS GUY! The Queen could not believe her luck when she met him.

Whatever you think of the above, yes the Brits see America as part of their history because of course it is. Even the revolutionary war was fought between two sets of Brits (and some Irish and trouble making French). Most Brits love most Americans. Of course we see them as part of our heritage.

Probably yes, because we see so much American TV and films that the USA seems familiar. Many people - especially young black Britons - identify very strongly with what happens in the USA and seem to believe that it essentially the same as the UK

They'd be and are wrong, though - as anyone following US politics since 2016 must have noticed. Aside from the fact that the US Bill of Rights was at least inspired by the UKs, and that much of the Constitution reflects the British "constitution" of the late 18th century, frankly it is a foreign country.

Indeed a very, very foreign country.

No. Heritage is something inherited from times and people in the past . So it is quite the opposite since American Heritage came from the UK and many European countries as well as African,far eastern as far as immigration is concerned . The US other heritage came from the indigenous Indians that it has and continues to not really recognise , and the countries true heritage .

Yes, but we are deeply embarrassed by the way America has turned out. We would rather forget the association and blame the outcome on the Germans, Danes, Poles or invaders from outer space.

Please stop speaking English. Spanish is a much nicer language. And we can then absolve ourselves from all blame.

America is regarded in England as a sort of son. Not a favourite son obviously, more like an illegitimate backstairs sprog that nobody really likes.

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