Is America going backwards?

Culturally, I do not feel I am witnessing an America in decline. I put it to you that Americans are growing, much like the rest of the world, but also in a way that is very uniquely US. The promulgation of internet and pop culture, along with sensationalism in media and music, plus sub-cultures, and many other things... All of this leads to the conclusion that the American people are not going backwards. However, many of us do allow history to repeat itself for the worse, muddle along, and are vulnerable to crippling fears at times. But what is that to stop us? Each new questionable dance move, each new questionable podcast, these and more are evidence that our ways of life is still subject to growth in some forward direction.

This is a view from Florida. I hope this helps, and thanks for asking for my answer.

America is a continent; not a country so please, rephrase your question in order not to disrespect the other Americans who don't live in the US.

Leave that for the Americans to decide .
you and me concentrate on taking India forward , what say!!
We take India forward, all others will soon go backwards.
What do I need to know before I move from Toronto to California?

That Californian's don jackets when it gets under about 65 F and they whine like the zombie apocalypse is imminent when it gets below 60 F. There will be full down parkas by 50 F and talk of mittens and Uggs.No