Is Apple hiring everyone they can from Tesla to build the Apple car? Are they succeeding at it?

Why do Apple need to? They find the products - successful or failed and redefine them into success!

I remember when everyone laughed and said Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard was a failure and won't work - a few years later, Apple made wireless automatically part of the iMac and everyone said it was brilliant!

So Apple will take a few people from established companies, put all together to look at and work on failing/failed products/companies and a few years everyone else has done it, they will launch the same but as a success!

Remind you of:-

Google Wallet = Apple Pay

Microsoft Smartwatch = Apple Watch

Tesla = iCar????
Did Apple hire everyone they could from Microsoft and IBM to create the Mac? No? They looked at the  Xerox Alto and improved it using components that any company could have got off the shelf to make a world beating product that people actually wanted.

They did, in fact, hire people from Xerox PARC just as Apple are hiring from Tesla, but most of the workers who added value were not from Xerox. Let's hope that Apple create a product as much better than the already excellent Tesla as the Mac was better than the innovative but Alto.
nope :P
Could the Avengers defeat Godzilla?

Nope. If we used everything that Godzilla has done over the course of his fictional lifetime, we need to include Reality Warp resistance, FTL speeds, 500 lightyears reached in only one second, killing gods and the devil, Super Godzilla that defeated Bagan, twice tanking a black hole, swam through magma, empowered by electricity (Good luck

How many college credits in English do you need to become a high school English teacher?

Everywhere has different requirements. Most places in the US don't require any. I could have a degree in Social Studies, Chemistry, or PE and still teach English. I do, however, have to pass the Single Subject test in English. That's the key. I have a coworker who has