Is Apple the next BlackBerry?

Apple cannot be blackberry and Blackberry cannot be Apple.
Blackberry is focusing on the enterprise market with Secured Mobile devices and highly secured network solutions.Blackberry gives the complete access (including, grade level/role level Access restriction, remote wipe of data etc) to the Admin/IT security team of a corporate business company to manage the blackberry devices provied to their employees, which gives the best security to any Corporate with managing data.
Apple is focusing very much or only on the consumer market which is not proven as secured Yet. Apple gives the complete access to the device users and cannot be controlled by a third person unless it is hacked.
So Both of them have different Technology, different devices etc.

Keeping in mind their recent growth cut-off, and their gradually decreasing of OS Quality (both MacOS and iOS). It's hard to believe that Apple won't end up like RIM did. But also, Apple has enough money than RIM ever did back in their glory days. So, that would give them enough time to make good comeback with a needed innovation. But with Steve Jobs gone, will they be able to innovative like they used to? Hard to tell right now! We'll have to wait and watch.

Why did my goggles keep fogging up when I snowboarded for the first time?

I've found that I have much less trouble with fogging if I avoid removing my goggles. They might fog up a little bit in the lift line, but they always clear up as soon as I start moving. Taking them off to try to clear

Why are some people always so happy?

I think it's about attitude and the way you look at and approach everything in your life. The thing is, this is always a work in progress. You can't assume that you'll be instantly or forever happy just because you had a great day today. It's about

Will a major car company buy Tesla?

To buy some shares is one thing, but to actually take over it would have to buy it with a huge premium.Elon Musk considered to go private - and offered a 25% premium ($420) over the market price, while people would know that the